The soil ceremony
at the 40th anniversary of Auroville
Part 1

On february 28, 2008 at dawn, in the amphitheatre where 40 years ago
the ceremony for the foundation of Auroville took place,
some 2000 people gathered to celebrate the anniversary with a bonfire (dawnfire) at sunrise.
40 years ago, handfuls of soil from all countries in the world were mixed together and sealed
in the urn where still are, together with the Auroville Charter.
This time, 40 years later, handfuls of soils were again gathered from all countries,
to be mixed up during this ceremony, and then be redistributed in the world,
symbolizing that "Auroville does not belong to anybody in particular, but to humanity as a whole...
These images are, for reasons of time, only a few excerpts from a longer DVD filming of the event...