Emergence - If I'm in he

In India there is a magical place called 'Auroville' with a special farm named SOLITUDE created by Krishna Mckenzie. Here people farm and live in harmony with nature & music. With a well that is a porthole to other places and stories that come alive by wishing. Emergence is the band created in Auroville, performing in various places out in the world.

This is their song; " If I'm in he" from the album ' Chosen by God' .

Directed by ; Krishna Mckenzie, Elena Pereira and Vivek Chockalingam

Emergence; Vocal and guitar - Krishna Mckenzie, Violin - Karthik Iyer, Bass - Mishko M'ba
and the drums by Lowell Harrison.

The Cast for 'If I'm in he' ; Krishna, Deepa, Chandni, Chakor, Sannaan, Vivek, Laxshmi, Jaya,
Satya, Tori, Eric, Brian, Jessie, Blackie and Saraswati.


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