The Secret Knowledge: Duality

Sri Aurobindo's symbol is a world in itself, the more you dwell in it the more it reveals;
it is at once a symbol and dynamic power in action. It is not enough that the symbol is intellectually understood,
it has to be lived, it has to be brought to one's life and physical movements.
This short film is a non verbal meditation upon the symbol of Sri Aurobindo following the trails of past iconic language.

The film depicts the play of duality in oneness starting with ascending and descending triangles moving
into conics of their play and the birth of earth as wave particle in their intersection in the ocean of nāda
rippling out from nādabindu which is also the sun centre.
This wave particle and nādabindu are at once yoni circling the lingam and the play of yin and yang of Chinese symbolism.
This play in life, the games we play are nothing but cosmic symbols and forces at play.
Behind the multitude are the two original principles, the Purusha and Prakriti, Being and Becoming, Awareness and Force, Soul and Nature,
Spirit and Matter coming to terms with each other in a perfect union as ardhanārishwara who's heart is the ascending flame calling in
the descending powers elaborating into flowering of Sri Chakra in the dance of Nataraja, the lord of dance, leading to
the measure of man as seen by Leonardo da Vinci.