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How can we make Auroville more accessible TO ALL? What does accessibility mean? How can we raise awareness of accessibility ? How can we create barriers free environment in Auroville? How to change the barriers in accessibility?

Accessibility is a human right issue and requires deep understanding and
strong &specific action. Every human being including person with disabilities and reduced mobility has the right to equal access to sites, services and facilities including information and communication.

Samarthyam, National Organization from Delhi, is coming to Auroville to
offer a second workshop about ACCESS AWARENESS and Sensitization. To give training how to become expertise in creating accessibility.

All the residents,architects,transport service ,roadservice,cycle paths
groups, all people involved in public buildings, in the city planning,
homecare attendants etc. are warmly invited to participate to the workshop

On 3th and on 4th March from 10 am to noon,
from 1,30 pm to 4 pm,
Town Hall Conference Room

On 1st and 2nd March Samarthyam members are available to meet groups individually.

For more information contact :

or call Susmita ph.2623274/ mobile 9345400559



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Home > Health > Accessible Auroville > Samarthyam Workshop

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