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In these classes we learn the technique of the basic classical Hatha Yoga postures in combination with directed breathing. Using a firm and dynamic approach, we learn to mold our body and create greater flexibility and awareness while stimulating and harmonizing organs, glands and nerves.

The Holographic Body: a dance and movement session

We combine dance techniques, hatha yoga, postural concentration, meditative alignments of subtle energy and breath control in concentrated yet playful sessions which develop increased bodily awareness.


It is based on the ancient Chinese knowledge of the meridians, or energy pathways through the body. By inserting ultra fine needles into points along the meridians energy blockages can be cleared and energy flow stimulated allowing for the treatment of a wide range of problems.

Free Flow

Quiet's version of the therapy variously known as Watsu, Aqua balancing, etc. Done in a shallow tank, in warm water, the therapist (standing) cradles and manipulates the patient (floating) through a series of gentle movements and stretches inducing (frequently) a profoundly blissful state of both physical and mental relaxation. This state greatly facilitates the releasing of various blockages which are both cause and effect of much ill health. BIO

RESONANCE (with bicom machine)

All the body's cells emit electro- magnetic vibrations. During illness or injury these vibrations become disharmonious. The bicom machine can “read” these vibrations and transmit to the body the complimentary vibrations required to reestablish harmony. Thus it can be utilized for both diagnosis and treatment .The bicom machine contains computerized programs for The therapist tests to make an energetic diagnosis and to determine which therapy programs are appropriate specific symptoms, organs and meridians..

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In Integral Meditation we reenter and reactivate the intelligence that knows how simultaneously to compress itself into matter , condense itself into energy , expand itself as love and diffuse itself as light –all pervading.
Breathing, initiative, faith and the body's alignments are coordinated for the purpose of establishing peace and silence in body, heart and mind.


Through Yoga Nidra we can reclaim, within moments, a concentrated, calm, sensitive state of being, which ordinarily takes many hours of sleep, meditation and exercise to reach.
A simple method: coordinating breathing, the attention of the mind and sensory currents of awareness. While lying on our backs, we enter and engage deeper levels of our being to an energy that fills, repairs and recharges the body's substances and structures, as well as the auric field.


The initiated Reiki practitioner serves as a channel for the universal healing power whose efficacy, through the “laying on of hands”, to comfort, relieve pain and heal has been recognized throughout the ages.
Instruction and initiation is available for those wishing to become Reiki practitioners.


This approach relates to our difficulties, dilemmas, challenges, confusion, frustration, and error in terms that allow for observation, analysis and the encouragement that stimulates a true connection with myself. Through this connection with our center we come to understand our freely chosen goals and the means by which we strive to realize them.


A system of medicine that views disease as the manifestation of a misbalance of the vital force and employs remedies delivered in (materially) infinitesimal doses to stimulate the patient's own immune mechanisms in order to gently restore health.


Each session runs approximately one and a half hours and includes massage of face and neck, application of special herbal / clay packs and treatment with colored polarized light which is said to have a regulating and regenerating effect on the skin cells.


A powerful healing approach that processes imbalances, blockages and distortions simultaneously on the material, energetic, emotional and mental levels. The technique combines deep massage, light soothing touch, stimulation and redirection of subtle energies through the meridians, chakric and auric fields along with m ovement therapy, verbal counseling and regenerative trance.


This is a technique which uses “Prana”, or vital energy to remove disharmonious energy from the patient's aura and chakras. It also transfers fresh vital energy to the affected areas of the body. Pranic Healing is also effective in the treatment of emotional and mental aliments and when applied regularly acts preventively. The healing work does not require physical contact and is done directly on the energy field. Crystals, especially various precious and semi precious gemstones, have the ability to focus characteristic energies, and are sometimes used in conjunction with pranic healing.
With the sound bed one is, essentially, lying on the sounding board of a giant veena-like instrument (tuned to the harmonic frequency of the earth) and being played. Definitely a consciousness altering experience.




Simply described: an hour of bliss consciousness (and it's good for you too).


This method works primarily to stimulate, relax and balance the whole body-mind continuum alleviating many complaints such as muscle pain, headaches and digestive disorders, structural problems such as sciatica, spinal difficulties such as shoulder and neck pain. Treatment involves the generous use of special oils and a thorough and rhythmic process of tracing, kneading, stretching and twisting manipulations.


Fragrant oils are used and the entire body is massaged producing deep relaxation and relief from mental and physical stress. While essentially a gentle technique, the therapist may work more deeply depending on the condition (or preference) of the patient. This technique improves blood circulation, boosts the immune response and the endocrine, muscular, digestive and lymphatic functions.


This massage employs a very soft rhythmic touch that acts directly on the lymphatic system. It specifically removes edema- swelling due to over accumulation of fluids in body tissue, thereby detoxifying the whole internal milieu.


Shiatsu is a meditative massage technique based on the ancient Taoist knowledge of Yin/Yang and the five elements.
A Shiatsu massage relaxes body and mind while invigorating and harmonizing the body's energies. It releases tension, alleviates stiffness, improves respiration and circulation and has a general toning effect on the nervous and muscular/ skeletal systems.


The traditional massage of Thailand is a full body experience in which a variety of elements (stretching, bending, kneading, acupressure, etc.) are employed and every part of the body from scalp to toes to internal organs receives attention. Its debt to ancient Chinese medical knowledge is evident in the attention paid to the meridians and to removing blockages in these energy pathways.
The longest of the massage therapies offered at Quiet ( a session takes approximately two hours), a Thai massage is truly a unique experience.


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