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BIO RESONANCE (with bicom machine)

All the body's cells emit electro-magnetic vibrations. During illness or injury these vibrations become disharmonious. The bicom machine can “read” these vibrations and transmit to the body the complimentary vibrations required to reestablish harmony. Thus it can be utilized for both diagnosis and treatment. The bicom machine contains computerized programs for the therapist tests to make an energetic diagnosis and to determine which therapy programs are appropriate for specific symptoms, organs and meridians.

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Bio Resonance, Dec. '01


Homeopathy, a system of medicine developed by Samuel Hahnemann, ( Germany ) is based on the principle of like cures like. It is sort of like presenting your body with a mirror to reflect it's own disease. The awareness thus produced at the subconscious level initiates the body's own healing process.

The initial interview is long and is aimed at understanding the root of the illness, which helps in the selection of the remedy. The remedy is chosen for the individual, and not for the disease. The remedy is catalyst for healing at a deeper level.

Experience tells that though homeopathy is very effective in bringing about a positive change in the health of the individual this process can be speeded up many-fold, when the patient is willing to take responsibility for his own healing process instead of relying solely on the therapist and remedy, and we try to encourage this in our practice.



One of the ancient styles of Hawaiian massage works with opening the heart using hands, breathing, rhythm and energy flow. Using the hands as the instruments of the heart, you can open up on all levels, to let go of the old and make room for new energy and love.



A full session on the sound bed (see also Pranic Healing).
You may experience the harmonizing of body, mind and soul through sound.



Polarity is a powerful method for addressing root causes of illness and disease and effectively rectifying psychological and physiological imbalances in the organism.
The method of Polarity Therapy, derived from ayurvedic knowledge, employs the basic keys to the understanding of the relationships between the three levels or our being:
1. the body's parts and functions
2. emotions and sensations
3. the will, thought and perceptions of the mind.

The general Polarity Session incorporates hands-on manipulative bodywork for releasing emotional blocks, enlarging the field of the senses and redirecting attention in order to reconnect with the source of the healing power.
All acute and chronic symptoms (aches and pains, stress, tension, injury, fatigue, malfunction in the muscles, bones, nerves, and metabolism) are within the range of Polarity Therapy.
Polarity Wellness-Education emphasizes the possibilities we have to be free and creative as our own healers and as each others healers. The secret of Polarity is revealed when we learn to perceive the energetic link between the body's organs, limbs, functions and systems to the living spiritual core and presence that we are.



The great number of nerves ending in the feet connect to virtually every organ in the body. By applying pressure to specific points on the feet it is possible to effect the functioning all the body's organs. Foot massage / reflexology can thus be a potent healing modality in its own right , or when used in conjunction with other therapies.



This method works primarily to stimulate, relax and balance the whole body-mind continuum alleviating many complaints such as muscle pain, headaches and digestive disorders, structural problems such as sciatica, spinal difficulties such as shoulder and neck pain. Treatment involves the generous use of special oils and a thorough and rhythmic process of tracing, kneading, stretching and twisting manipulations.



Cell Consciousness Therapy consists of cleaning the memory of the cells of the traumas experienced since the beginning of ones existence. The content of this memory influences us in our behavior, emotions and decisions without us being aware of it As long as there are traumas in this memories we are likely to have negative attitudes and emotions. This method includes work with the mind and body of the patient. It helps to unify the different levels of the being and to become more conscious.



It is based on the ancient Chinese knowledge of the meridians, or energy pathways through the body. By inserting ultra fine needles into points along the meridians energy blockages can be cleared and energy flow stimulated allowing for the treatment of a wide range of problems.




This approach relates to our difficulties, dilemmas, challenges, confusion, frustration, and error in terms that allow for observation, analysis and the encouragement that stimulates a true connection with myself. Through this connection with our center we come to understand our freely chosen goals and the means by which we strive to realize them.




This is a technique which uses “Prana”, or vital energy to remove disharmonious energy from the patient's aura and chakras. It also transfers fresh vital energy to the affected areas of the body. Pranic Healing is also effective in the treatment of emotional and mental aliments and when applied regularly acts preventively. The healing work does not require physical contact and is done directly on the energy field. Crystals , especially various precious and semi precious gemstones, have the ability to focus characteristic energies, and are sometimes used in conjunction with pranic healing.
With the sound bed one is, essentially, lying on the sounding board of a giant veena-like instrument (tuned to the harmonic frequency of the earth) and being played. Definitely a consciousness altering experience.




Fragrant oils are used and the entire body is massaged producing deep relaxation and relief from mental and physical stress. While essentially a gentle technique, the therapist may work more deeply depending on the condition (or preference) of the patient. This technique improves blood circulation, boosts the immune response and the endocrine, muscular, digestive and lymphatic functions.




This massage employs a very soft rhythmic touch that acts directly on the lymphatic system. It specifically removes edema- swelling due to over accumulation of fluids in body tissue, thereby detoxifying the whole internal milieu.





The traditional massage of Thailand is a full body experience in which a variety of elements (stretching, bending, kneading, acupressure, etc.) are employed and every part of the body from scalp to toes to internal organs receives attention. Its debt to ancient Chinese medical knowledge is evident in the attention paid to the meridians and to removing blockages in these energy pathways.
The longest of the massage therapies offered at Quiet ( a session takes approximately two hours), a Thai massage is truly a unique experience.



During "Breath Massage" we mainly work on the back, accompanying the individual's breath with stretches and strokes. The idea is to guide the breath throughout the whole body, which creates space, relaxation, warmth and a sense of balanced tonus. Who can profit from the "Breath Massage"?
People with: tensions, back pain, chronical headache, stress, illnesses of respiratory system, bad posture, birth preparation. It also helps solving physical tensions and blockages, helps improving the perception of one's own body or simply increases a sense of ease and well-being in the body.
However it is not only something for asthmatics or smokers and not a form to learn how to breathe properly.
Breathmassage is offered only during wintermonsoon , i.e. around november.





Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 4:30 - 6:00 pm

In these classes we learn the technique of the basic classical Hatha Yoga postures in combination with directed breathing. Using a firm and dynamic approach, we learn to mold our body and create greater flexibility and awareness while stimulating and harmonizing organs, glands and nerves.


DANCE INTEGRATION of the 5 elements

physical stability - earth,
subtle sensitivity - water,
vital dynamism - fire,
heart relatedness - air,
creativity in space - ether.

Thursday: 5 – 6:15 pm

Join us to explore, through the blending of dance and meditative concentration, the harmonies of the elements that create the human body with its twelve-fold structure. Our body is a storehouse of precision, poetry and power waiting to be revealed to each of us individually and within the glory of the collective body.



Wednesday: 11:15 – 12 noon

Yoga Nidra is the art of entering into deep relaxation Here is a simple method: coordinating breathing, the attention of the mind and the senses. While lying we engage the life force that permeates, repairs and recharges the body's substances and the auric field.
Through Yoga Nidra we can reclaim, within moments, a concentrated, calm, sensitive state of being, which ordinarily takes many hours of sleep, meditation and exercise to reach.



Wed 10:30 – 11:15 am

Understanding and exploring ourselves as a tree of life:



Diffusing into Light



Expanding into Love

All around


Concentrating Vitality



Focusing into substance

How can breathing, initiative, faith and the body's alignments be coordinated for the purpose of meditation? What does it take to unify: peace, abundant vitality, a joyful presence, the physical world, the body and the flow of time?


Ayurveda and its modern application through bodywork for the healing of body and soul

Tuesday afternoon, 1:30 – 15:00 pm

Polarity Therapy holds the keys to the understanding of relationships between, a) bodily structures, b) the life force with all its sensory and emotional workings and c) the will, thoughts and perceptions of the mind. In this class these relationships between substance, energy and consciousness will be examined and experienced through the living interaction of the 5 elements ( earth, water, fire, air, ether ). We will learn how to directly perceive imbalances and distortions in the operations of the 5 elements as they manifest individually and how using the therapeutic technique may restore harmony. The technique consists of working with a variety of distinct ways of touching, holding, massaging, breathing and listening in order to repair faulty connections and create new ones in the energy field between the various parts of our body and the three levels of our being. Application of the principles of Wellness-Education emphasizes the responsibility and creative freedom each of us has to awaken the healer within ourselves and the healing dynamics between us.



Do you like floating effortlessly in the water, letting go… ?
Or discovering through movement play…?
You might join the group and enjoy with us in this unique interactive combination of free movement and intuitive exploration to music, on your own, in pairs and as a group, in the embrace of warm water… ( based on Dolphin dance )…

In Quiet-warm water pool, on Fridays, at 15-16.30
No previous experiences are required, all are welcome !!!


Telephone 91 413 2622329 or 2622646 or 2911539
e-mail: quiet@auroville.org.in

Or write to:
The Director: Quiet Healing Center ,
Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu, INDIA


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