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--- in Auroville and the villages surrounding it

Care and protection of animals started in Auroville right from its inception in 1968. Various Aurovilians naturally organised small shelters for keeping and treating sick, injured or stray animals. This activity was carried out without proper infrastructure, and certainly much is owed to Aurovilian Dr. Veena Lemaire, a trained veterinary with specialisation in cats and dogs. Veena has been looking after many of our animals for some twenty years, moving around in her red car and visiting/treating sick and injured animals in communities, farms or private houses in Auroville.

The Auroville Animal Care Trust

During the summer of 1997, it was decided to form an official Auroville Animal Care Trust, a separate unit in Auroville focusing specifically on the care and protection of animals. A team of four dedicated persons now works tirelessly around the clock. Many like-minded and kind-hearted people joined the Trust in order to:

  • provide 'barefoot' veterinary service to rural villages in and around Auroville

  • vaccinate animals

  • look into limited feed of animals

  • take care of wild life in Auroville

  • protect endangered species i.e. animals, birds and plants

  • promote awareness through education

  • promote, aid and strengthen activities to create increased awareness of the economic contribution made by animals, birds and plants, and of their role in keeping the atmosphere pollution free.

The Animal Welfare Board of India has recognised the Trust since 1997.

The Animal Care Group

The Animal Care group working from this Trust is a small group of Aurovilians committed to relieving the suffering of local animals, improving their health, controlling their population, and working with Aurovilians and local villagers to increase awareness of proper care and hygiene. None of the group are veterinarians, but the members work closely with Dr. Veena, the Aurovilian vet, as well as with vets in Pondicherry and an animal dispensary on the outskirts of Auroville.


Contact:  integrated_animal_care@yahoo.co.in

HomeHealth > Animal care

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