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"A free equality founded upon spontaneous cooperation,
not on governmental force and social compulsion
is the highest anarchic ideal."

- Sri Aurobindo ' The Human Cycle


Auroville Health Services is a new administrative enterprise for health resources management in Auroville, founded in June 2001,a unit of the Auroville Foundation under the Auroville Fund. A concerted approach to management of health care ~ funds, activities, projects, liaisons, people

The paradigm for its operations is that of:

Needle and thread, stitching together the various health activities and units through resource facilitation, co-ordination, sharing information, awareness enhancing activities.

The core concept on which it is founded is:

Auroville Health Services is the name of a concept that visualises complete individuation of each part that makes up the whole while keeping in mind that it is a whole at a primary stage with the inevitable growth that will come. Yet, each part is aware of the interconnectedness and thus intends interdependence in a symbiotic manner so as to lead to a system that is rich in diversity and yet is harmonious in its manifestations with the central ideals of Auroville.

The mainstay of our operations is Goodwill towards Auroville; in the form of Friends of Auroville who become our partners for progress, Aurovilians who are involved in the field of health & medicine. All those who have the will to help develop Auroville as an experimental field in healing and health.

We aspire to support all health education and research activity in Auroville. Towards this we appeal to you for your generous help and support to achieve the Mother's dream that "Auroville will be a place of unending research" in human unity.


Its central idea takes from a quote of the Mother's in a letter written in October '71 to Auroville -

"The true spirit of Auroville is collaboration and must be more and more so.
True Collaboration Paves The Way To Divinity"


Projects and Programs


I. A project proposal to develop a system to distribute pure and
biodynamized water to the rural Auroville rim.

To provide pure and bio-dynamized water totally free to the neighbouring villages towards better health and disease prevention.
To do so, the following objectives have been defined:

To install and maintain according to the W.H.O. standards, six units at key points around three villages in the Auroville rim - Kuilapalayam, Edayanchawadi, Kottakarai associated with the main water distribution tanks providing 250 litres per hour for 24 hours.
Installation during first year of the project successfully

II. A project proposal to conduct experiments in biodynamized water

To carry out a research program in three distinctive areas.

1. Basic research on water dynamisation.

2. Applied research will be focused on the utilisation of known technologies, presently used, exploited or simply discovered in Aqua Dyn-Utsaah, into the elaboration of prototypes and pilot equipment to purify and dynamise water

3. Clinical Research will be focused on observing and measuring the medical benefits of the Purified and Bio-Dynamized Water through surveys, individual case studies and a randomized clinical trial.

The above are with Aquadyn Research Unit, Aspiration, Auroville.

III. Health-Management of a food complex (bakery, food processing, food store) as a driver towards improvement of a community environment for health - trinity'

To experiment in new food preparation techniques towards a higher consciousness through sanitation, eco-friendly and organic techniques to ultimately lead to a clean bio-friendly environment.

This is with the AV Food Processing Group and the Kottakarai food complex

IV. Promoting health in the Auroville bioregion through school health programs

To undertake during the school year from June 2003 - June 2004, a school health program that will promote community health. All Auroville school children, including schools in five villages, their parents and teachers as well as other staff who handle food materials will be screened for primary infections, treated for primary disorders and educated to ensure the hygiene and sanitation at the schools.

V. Community health initiatitives :

Health exhibition for Auroville and neighbouring villages.
To hold health exhibition with pictures, posters, videos and other demonstration materials in Auroville schools and community places as well as the twelve neighbouring villages and for all food processing centres of Auroville every month of one year.

VI. Presentation Materials & Publication of Reports

To create presentation materials such as video documentary - health In Auroville; booklet -health In Auroville as a self-comprehension exercise as well as a comprehensive overview presenting all the modalities of health, healing and treatment available in a population of 1,800; PowerPoint presentation for Outreach and fundraising; Health & Medicine Research overview from Auroville - a compendium of health and therapeutic research papers, case studies, reports

VII. Infrastructure Development For Administrative And Database Management

Setting up of new community health initiatives through new services in various locations of Auroville; creating a database of all information regards health, medicine, dental care in Auroville; liaison and administrative support for coordination activities; recordkeeping and bookkeeping for various projects that are not unit based.


Please contact us at:

Auroville Health Services
Aurelec, I st Floor
Auroville.Tamil Nadu. 605101


Website: http://www.avhs.org.in

Email: avhs@auroville.org.in

Phone: 0413-2622-425


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