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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


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On health


Q. Do you have a hospital?

A. Not a hospital, but two Health Centres. There is a large University hospital not far from Auroville, on the main road as one enters Pondy from Madras/Chennai direction. There are also a number of other hospitals in Pondicherry, plus the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Dispensary (where a doctor can be consulted) and Nursing Home. For really serious cases, many people go to Madras/Chennai where, amongst others, the USA-oriented Apollo Hospital has facilities for advanced surgery and a range of treatments and therapies similar to those found in the West.


Q. What sort of health problems do you face in Auroville?

A. Most people are at some time or other affected by food or water-born parasites, such as amoebas, giardia, worms, etc, and by infected cuts and scratches (common in the tropics) or fungal infections. Other quite common risks include typhoid, filaria (elephantiasis) and viral fevers. One has also to be aware of the risk of rabies from infected dogs and cats.


Q. What are your maternity arrangements?

A. Auroville has one fully qualified midwife in the community, and there are 4 more trained nurses working at the AV Health Centre who can undertake straightforward deliveries. Breach cases and other more complicated deliveries are normally referred to hospitals in Pondicherry.


Q. Does one need special vaccinations when coming to Auroville?

A. Most doctors abroad advise a course of general vaccinations, though there are people who come here unprotected. You are best advised to consult with your local medical practitioner on this matter before leaving your home country.



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