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Understanding homeopathy


Homeopathic medicines, or ‘remedies' as they are called, are prepared by means of a process known as ‘potentization'.

This involves trituration followed by repeatedly diluting the original substance while subjecting it to ‘succussion', a repetitive pounding, which releases the pure essence of the subtle energies associated with the material substance.
Chemically, the original substance cannot be traced after the process. For each substance the effects are documented meticulously in so-called ‘provings': Healthy persons take a remedy and document the effects on the physical, emotional and mental level in great detail for several weeks.

In this way, to date four thousand ‘remedy pictures' have been documented in homoeopathic Materia Medica over 250 years.

This concise material is then used to prescribe a medicine for a sick person according to ‘likee'.

The homeopathic healing


A posting by Maggi Lidchi–Grassi in the News and Notes on the beneficial effects of homeopathic remedies prepared from substances originating from the hair of The Mother and the nail-clippings of Sri Aurobindo led to debate on the Auroville's internal Intranet and to a public statement of the Working Committee which termed the posting ‘unfortunate'.


“I do not believe the Working Committee knows anything about the topic,” says Sigrid. She is one of Auroville's homeopaths who is researching the remedies and is documenting the seven year old database of Maggi to provide clear information on the effects of the homeopathic remedies Harmony and Samata.

Maggi, who developed the remedies, was for many years one of The Mother's private secretaries. She is a practising homoeopath, and founded Quiet, Auroville's healing centre. She is also a prolific writer of novels and essays.
Maggi had explained in the News and Notes the origins of these remedies. “Much of the work of Sri Aurobindo and Mother consisted in attempting to bring the supramental down and establish in the material plane. That work, in so far as we have any understanding of it, required that these energies first be brought into and fixed in their own bodies. … Might those energies that had been fixed in the cells of their bodies not be releasable by the process of homeopathic potentization?
And what would the effect be on someone taking a potentized remedy derived from such material?
Being in the possession of some hairs from The Mother's head which Mother had once given to her with the words, ‘All of me is potentially in this', the remedy called Harmony was prepared ...

Subsequently, some nail parings of Sri Aurobindo were obtained and the remedy Samata (Sanskrit for ‘equanimity') was prepared from it. Nearly a hundred people, primarily in Pondicherry and Auroville, have taken one or both of these remedies one or more times.
Some individuals who took the remedies were suffering from various ailments including hypertension, migraine headaches and depression. With these people the focus of interest was on the effect the remedies might have upon their existing pathology.
Most of them, according to Maggi, reported improvement in their health. But mostly the individuals taking the remedies were in good health. Their feedback focused on changes they experienced in their state of consciousness, energy, creativity, dream life, etc.

“Only positive effects were experienced, primarily in the form of people having deep experiences,” says Sigrid. “There were no negative responses at all! This is amazing.”
For Maggi, these experiences are doorways to increased energy, creativity, and even for the psychic being to come to the front. Maggi admitted in her posting that proper experimental methodology had not been not followed.
“There was, for example, no control group; and while none of those taking them knew the actual source of the remedies, most (though not all) were aware that the remedies were ‘special' and that they were in some way related to Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
Still, the effects reported were so consistently (and often profoundly) positive – not least in some of the cases involving real health issues – that the conclusion that something of Sri Aurobindo's and The Mother's energies are working through these remedies seems not merely justified, but inescapable. Those of us who have been most closely involved in this work, who have experienced the effects of Harmony and Samata ourselves and read report after report of others experiences are convinced that we are truly witnessing an action of the Grace.”

Maggi gave more information on the remedies in a further letter to the Working Committee. “We have seen that by administering a single drop of ‘ Harmony ', people are touched by The Mother in the same way as when she was alive: depressions cured, pains alleviated, comprehension widened, the sudden descent of peace and calm, and torment dispelled. Compassion, forgiveness and love take the place of resentment. Many illnesses have been cured.” She continues, “With Samata a great stillness is established, instructions come in dreams, seeming miracles occur. Ariel Browne, a clairvoyant who didn't know what the remedy was, saw that Harmony had a ‘transformational power' and could ‘reposition the cells'. Katia, a French clairvoyant, also saw their evolutionary possibilities.”
In a later email, Maggi stated that “ Harmony and Samata are made available in the belief that peace and compassion of Mother and Sri Aurobindo may infiltrate the consciousness of the human race.”

If these were “glad tidings” to some, others found using relics of the gurus to prepare homeopathic remedies highly objectionable. The Working Committee, concerned about the image of Auroville, feared that offering the remedies publicly might lead to Auroville being seen as a sect.
Others argued that the transformation of one's consciousness does not depend on relics of the guru but only on one's relation with the Divine. For some, the use of these remedies belongs to the old paths of adoring the masters – an outdated tradition that is inappropriate in Auroville.

But for Sigrid, this discussion showed a misunderstanding of the very basics involved. “This is research on the frontiers of consciousness: these arguments demonstrate a lack of awareness of today's research in homoeopathy and healing sciences. “Homoeopathic remedies free subtle energies of a material substance or of living tissue, such as from human body parts, for example Lac humanum (Mothers milk), or from DNA, and these have been used therapeutically for many years – just to put things into perspective.
By following this line of thought it is clear that – according to homoeopathic understanding and philosophy – Harmony and Samata reveal by means of potentization the energies stored in the bodies of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, who were working on a establishing a new species.”
She invites the critics “to join the research and find out for themselves – either by ingesting the remedies or by doing a focused meditation with them” – rather then uttering preconceived opinions. “Let them experiment with this ‘energetic reminder' of the work we came to do here – research in consciousness.”

As Maggi states, “This is a serious project with possible worldwide repercussions. Homeopaths in England , America , Italy and Czechoslovakia as well as India have used Harmony and Samata and prescribed it. … An article on ‘ Harmony and Samata ' is about to appear in ‘Links', the international Homeopathic journal that is read in 50 countries … If Auroville is ever in any way recognized as one of the sites where Harmony was first ‘proved', it will be to her credit.” And she concludes, “Ultimately, if enough people experience something of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother through these essences, it should make a difference for human consciousness as such.”

Carel - Courtesy of AV Today January 2010



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