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My name is Bob, I am an Aurovilian and I first came to Auroville in 1980 and have lived here for three periods since then. In the west I qualified as an engineer and also as a social worker learning various therapeutic skills.

I have now joined as an Aurovilian and am working here since '98 as a healer in the following disciplines:


This is basically helping clients achieve insight and cope with their lives in a better way than they are at present.

Bio-magnetic Therapy

This is a technique of working with the energy around the various bodies, physical, vital, mental and spiritual. It draws from a number of techniques and enables the client to be more balanced, to have energy blockages dissolved, to receive some healing energy. It also energises one's incarnate being so that it will have more control over one's life rather than the persona or ego. This technique has developed over a number of years but first emerged here in Auroville in 1986 while I was working on a client using Polarity.


This is an ancient far-east method of skeletal manipulation, similar in some ways to osteopathy or to chiropractic treatments. This method uses acupressure to provide a local anaesthesia allowing direct manipulations to be performed while not giving much pain to the client and also helping the body to relax and not fight the corrections.

There are perhaps less than five or six people practicing this in the western world at present. That is sad as I feel that this method has a lot to give to the healing of body.

Cultivation of physical consciousness

I believe Samalin techniques fit in to the Yoga of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo for various reasons. One of these is the participation and cultivation of an aware physical consciousness. For instance, when the therapeutic manipulation is performed and the client goes through the recovery process, the body will acutely cooperate with him/her and release the pain, provided that s/he is mindful of the body. However, in the case of a client who is dismissive of his/her body and sees it as just an instrument without any real consciousness, then the body may rebel and the manipulation will be reversed, and the client will experience pain again.

Re-play of an accident

It is also interesting that in a number of cases the body may remember, after many years, what happened after an accident. During the healing process, once the nerves have been released, the body will almost re-play the pains it experienced after the accident even though the person has forgotten the details of the incident.

For me this is a demonstration of the consciousness of the cells talked about by both the Mother and Sri Aurobindo.


Contact: bobn@auroville.org.in

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