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(N.N.E.B., S.R.N., C.Q.S.W.)




Jean began to study the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in 1960 but was not able to visit Auroville for the first time till 1974. Numerous visits over a number of years followed this initial experience, and in 1998 she could return for good and become an Aurovilian.

Social worker

In U.K., Jean was a generic social worker, trained in many disciplines, before eventually moving on into the teaching and training of student social workers. She has also taught counselling techniques within a large international voluntary organisation, and was involved in teaching personal development as well.


In Auroville, Jean offers her counselling experience in whichever way it is needed, in whatever kind of problem. The approach she uses is best described as 'eclectic'.

Personal Development
Personal Development groups offer help with growth towards the realisation and maximisation of individual potential in many areas. They also stimulate development of insights into numerous levels of personal experience.

Past Life therapy

Jean may be described as a 'sensitive', using her gifts in Past Life Therapy. This technique can be valuable in assisting the individual towards an understanding of the influences that helped shape the present incarnation, and also guidance towards taking the next step.


Contact: bobn@auroville.org.in


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