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Sri Aurobindo:
A Contemporary Reader


- by Sachidananada Mohanty

This book brings together some of the finest writing of Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950), justly acclaimed by Aldous Huxley as one of the greatest nationalists, visionaries and poet-philosophers of the twentieth century. The volume encompasses the extraordinary reach of this multifaceted genius, providing in one single place access to key tenets and formulations underlying the wide range of texts authored by him.

Firmly grounded in contemporary times, this work projects a body of writings that is certain to have lasting value. It brings forth Sri Aurobindo’s neglected social and international vision and underlines his role as a cultural critic, focusing on his view on ethnicity and the role language plays in the shaping of communitarian identities, his central understanding of self-determination underlying the human right discourse of today, of identity politics and the future of ideological systems.

Located in a specific intellectual, historical and spiritual matrix, this collection will enable readers to judge the overall vision of Sri Aurobindo against the backdrop of the intellectual history of ideas. Its thrust is both local and civilisational. Backed by recent developments in theory and disciplinary practice, including consciousness and future studies, the book will interest scholars of philosophy, history, politics, cultural studies, and comparative religion.

The author is Professor of English at the University of Hyderabad

ISBN 9780415460934
Hardback / pp. 235 / Rs 275
Routledge India Original
Date of Publication: January 2008

Home > Journals & Media > Books & CD's > Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader

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