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Kosha Shah

India and the Future of South Asia


Auroville Arts, Auroville.



We are at a point in time when South Asia needs to take a decisive step forward to crystallize its identity. Various regional and other groups across the world have been coming together for different purposes. But what is the deeper truth of South Asia based on its civilization and culture? What are the problems it faces today? What could be India 's role in the region? Which future is humanity evolving towards? This paper attempts to take a look at some of these issues from within the perspectives offered by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, proposing a possible way to arrive at a confederation within the region

Author: Kosha Shah, Auroville
Publisher: Auroville Arts, Auroville.
Distributor: Prisma, Aurelec, Auroville
605 101, TN, India .
email: prisma@auroville.org.in

Pages: 92
Price: Rs. 80


Kosha has been involved with the Integral Yoga and the Aurobindonian thought since 1988, especially the social and political vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, having worked over the years in many areas associated with it.
She lives in Auroville since 2002.


Home > Journals & Media > Books & CD's > India and the future of South Asia

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