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Towards Tomorrow

Auroville and Africa – A Journey towards the Future


by Tekeste


Although 36 African countries were represented at Auroville's Foundation Ceremony on February 28, 1968, and despite the fact that a few Africans and people of African origin have become Aurovilians, Africa is probably the continent least represented in Auroville.



Ever since Ethiopian Aurovilian Tekeste Kidan first came in contact with the Mother in 1969, he has made it his mission to carry her vision to Africa, and to make sure that the whole of Africa can have a presence here in Auroville through an ‘Africa House' in the International Zone. As a result of his efforts and aspiration, a plan for the Africa House has been developed by an Ethiopian architect, and the foundation stone was laid last year.




This month, from October 24 - 30 , there will be an Auroville International gathering in Addis Ababa, which is not only the capital of Ethiopia but also houses the headquarters of the Organisation for African Unity. Aurovilians and members of Auroville International will make presentations about Auroville at the University of Addis Ababa , and at functions hosted by the Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia for the diplomatic community there, including the representatives of many African countries. This initiative has been supported by our Governing Board and International Advisory Council.

Coinciding with this occasion, a new book compiled by Tekeste has been published here in Auroville. Copies are available at the Information Desk in Savitri Bhavan.


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