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The little wave

Story by Renu Neogy
Illustrations by Nathalie Nuber

The Little Wave. is a children’s story that follows the birth journey, transformation and eventual return of a wave to the ocean.

The author Renu and illustrator Nathalie have been friends since their childhood in Auroville.

Published in March 2012, this book has a hardcover and a pleasant large format that is vividly illustrated with evocative paintings making it pleasant to look at while its thoughtful content makes it a pleasure to read aloud or alone.  
“I wrote this story because I felt that children needed to be reminded of belonging to a larger cycle of life that I felt privileged to have been introduced to in Auroville. The world is changing rapidly around us, I wanted to re-assure children that no matter what happens there is a cycle and a source from which they come from and to which they will return and not to fear the changes in between."

The book is available at Auroville.com, at the Auroville Boutique and the Auroville Press outlets. 
It is priced at Rs. 690 with additional charges for shipping and packing.

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