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November 2005
updated January 2006


Antithesis of Yoga


by Jocelyn


"Antithesis of Yoga" is the only non-fiction novel written about the early years of Auroville.  It begins in August 1969 when a single hippy mother gets off a bus in Pondicherry with her eight month old daughter on her hip and the novel ends in February 1993 with the meditation on the conclusion of the UNESCO seminar on consciousness evolution.

The table of contents - for each chapter there is something from Sri Aurobindo's Thoughts and Aphorisms, after that there is Mother's Dream.   At the beginning of each chapter there are a few lines of Savitri and a synopsis of a chapter of Synthesis of Yoga. 


The book gives some idea of the early years of the town, the lives of the pioneers, and the ideology that inspired us all.

It is available outside India from Julian Lines, AVI NY (aviny@aviusa.org ), Matagiri.....  in India at Vak books, or at New Creation Corner in Auroville.


Download and read a Review of the book by Larry Seidlitz

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