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September '03


The Thousand Petalled Daisy

- by Norman Thomas



Injured in a riot while travelling in India, seventeen-year old Michael Flower is given shelter by a doctor in a white house on an island in a river. There, accompanied by his alter ego (his glove-puppet Mickey-Mack), he meets Om Pariahs and his family, a tribe of holy monkeys, and Lila, the beautiful daughter of a diplomat. Unknown to him, the house is also the home of a holy woman. When she grants him an audience, Michael unwittingly incurs the jealousy of her devotee, Hari, and violence unfold. A storm, a death and a funeral, the delights of first love and the beauty of the Indian landscape are woven into a narrative infused with a distinctive, offbeat humour and a delicate but intensely felt spirituality.

" Do not be fooled by its humour, accessibility and tenderness: this novel is serious and seriously good. It is beautiful, thoughtful and flamboyantly original" - Sara Maitland


About the author:

Norman Thomas was born in Wales in 1926. His first novel, Ask at the Unicorn, was published in 1963 in the UK and the USA to critical acclaim. He lives in Auroville, South India.

Published in 2003 by The Maia Press Limited, 82 Forest Road

London E8 3BH - ISBN 1 904559 05 0

www. maiapress.com

Home > Journals & Media > Books & CD's >The Thousand Petalled Daisy

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