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September '03


An Evolutionary Agenda for the Third Millennium

'A Primer for the Mutation of Consciousness'

- by Savitra



While drawn from and dedicated to the evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo and Mother (with appropriate references throughout the writing), this work attempts to contemporise and apply that vision in present realities. The emerging premises, perspectives and proposals of this 'Evolutionary Agenda' are not merely a re-quoting of that vision but an attempt to build from it, risking to explore and develop the real-time relevance and implications of its living and evolving nature. For surely, the work and the experiment and adventure to which these visionaries invited us did not stop in 1950 or 1973. In this spirit, 'An Evolutionary Agenda' is not simply directed toward the inner-oriented 'spiritual' seeker but bridges to address the outer-oriented empiricist and activist.


Aurovilian author

The author was an Auroville resident from 1969 to1990, receiving the name 'Savitra' from the Mother in May, 1971. His Auroville resume includes helping pioneer the first school; writing the first AV documentary study and book; and initiating liaison with the USA that led to such things as: establishing a status for the township at the UN, the first foundation grant funding for the initial reforestation programme in 1973, and the creation of the original Soviet-America-India 'Peacetrees' exchange in 1988. He presently lives his native country, USA, in Ashland, Oregon.
Address of author is savitra@earthlink.net .

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ISBN# 1883991544, number of pages 221. Website address for publisher White Cloud Press is www.whitecloudpress.com where all relevant contact info is posted. Amazon.com is in the process of listing the book as well



As an evolutionary explorer, I encounter every now and then another kindred person on the same path who possesses a brilliance and deep understanding of our evolutionary potential. Alan Sasha Lithman (Savitra) is such a person. I highly recommend his Evolutionary Agenda to all those who feel the emergent potential of humanity arising in their hearts, and who long to be more effective in their actions in the world.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution; author of Emergence and Conscious Evolution


The author writes from a deep place of community experience, respect for tradition and cultural criticism. He leads us into our authentic work as a species today--that of truly moving from our current unsustainable lifestyles to sustainable ones. Applying ancient spiritual wisdom to today's science in very practical ways, the author has the courage to call for, among other things, a "post-monetary" economy. He addresses the fears and the ideologies that feed on them that prevent our growing up.
This is a radical book, a compassionate book, and an altogether needed book calling all of us to "evolutionary activism." Good News indeed for our troubled times!

Matthew Fox, President, University of Creation Spirituality; author, The Reinvention of Work, Creativity: Where the Divine and the Human Meet and Original Blessing

Here is a passionate, bold, thought-provoking new vision for the future -- a pioneering book that bridges the chasm between spiritual and material, inner and outer, seeker and activist, scientist and mystic, in what the author calls "an applied evolutionary research". Raising critical evolutionary questions while at the same time proposing evolutionary approaches to resolve them, Lithman takes us beyond ordinary historical timeframes, categories, and planning processes, retraining our perspective to the larger, more integral scope of an Evolutionary Agenda. Filled with great feeling, insight, and metaphysical wit, this daring thought experiment helps us make sense of who we are and what we can become.

Michael Murphy, author, The Future of the Body, Golf in the Kingdom; founder, Esalen Institute


An Evolutionary Agenda provides an original and visionary map to the territory of the future, a timely yet timeless guide to the ultimate journey, the adventure of consciousness. Lithman's strong intellectual and spiritual grounding presents an "outside the box" view of the core of what's possible in turbulent times, indeed, the transformation of humanity on the planet. Venturing beyond the conventional, Lithman engages the evolutionary process in ways that speak to the extraordinary capacities for creative change we possess as human beings, allowing us to recognize the integral part we plays in the universal scheme of things as custodians of what he calls Evolutionary Power. Remarkable for its vision and scope, this book breaks new and important ground.

Michael Toms Co-Founder, New Dimensions Radio; author, A Time for Choices, co-author, True Work

Table of Contents

One - Introduction: The Evolution of Consciousness

  • Placing the Evolutionary Fine Print Up-Front
  • An Applied Evolutionary Research

Two - The DNA of Consciousness

  • Evolution and Revolution
  • The Denial of Matter
  • A Sleight of Mind
  • Involution-Evolution
  • It takes One to know One

Three - The Acceleration and Mutation of

  • ConsciousnessEvolutionary Stress and Estrus
  • The Birth of Ego, Pain, and the Denial-Reflex to Contract

Four - Bridging from Egoic to Holistic Evolution

  • The Egoic Era:Life's First Evolutionary Cycle
  • Core Healing: Changing our Genetic Psychology
  • Evolutionary Triage, Healing as both Goal and Process
  • A Psychology of Matter, A Physics of Mind
  • Gravity as Bias, Gravity as Grace
  • Love as the Healer, Love as the Bridge

Five - The Turning Point: Forging Our Missing Links Forward

  • Evolving a New Nomenclature for Human Evolution
  • The Emergence of a Post-Human Being from the Egoic Eggshell
  • A New Perception and Application of "Survival of the Fittest"
  • The Responsibility of Power
  • Distinguishing Evolutionary Goals, Means and Mutational Timeframes
  • Evolution's Grand Conspiracy: Delivering Delight of Being

Six - Phased Metamorphosis: A Trans-Human Approach to the Third Millennium

  • Goals, Expectations and Scope for a Millennial Agenda
  • Evolutionizing Time
  • Trans-Human Agendas: Metamorphosing from Myth to Matter
    • Homo Transitionalis
    • Homo Polaris
    • Homo Holisticus
    • Psyche Materialis

Seven - Evolutionizing Humanity for the 21st Century

  • The Evolutionary Art of Conscious Choice
  • Moving from Homo Egoicus to Homo Transitionalis
  • Towards a more Integral, Trans-Human Sustainability
  • Diversity as the Evolutionary Path to Unity
  • Understanding with the Body

Eight - Towards a Post-Monetary Society

  • The Mesmerism of Money
  • The Origins and Evolution of Money
    • The Contradictions of Communism and Capitalism
    • The Karma of Carte Blanche Capitalism
    • Competing Ourselves out of Existence
  • Reclaiming Our True Net Worth
  • A Graduated Trans-Species Shift from Dollars to Sense

Nine - Evolutionary Activism

  • The Responsibility of Oneness
  • Cutting to the Evolutionary Chase
  • Getting Our Act Together: Strategies for the 21st Century
    • Investing in the 21st Century: A New World Stock Exchange
    • Transforming Our Media: Learning to Communicate with Our Future

Ten - Open-ended Conclusions



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