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AuroNET! started more than 5 years ago as a DOS-based BBS system riddled with technical problems and frequently bogged down by erratic telephone lines. Subsequently, it was migrated to a WinNT based server with Microsoft Exchange server package in order to provide the Aurovilians with e-mail facilities.

In June 2001, we have migrated the AuroNET! Mail Server and Remote Access Server (RAS) from Microsoft to Linux. For the time being, both Intranet and Proxy servers are still NT based. At present AuroNET! handles more than 800 users in Auroville and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

The AuroNET! team has held several seminars about usage and utility of the system. We provide our users with customer support and trouble shooting, help with the installation of modems, provide client software, and give a brief introduction in handling free of cost.

Internet facilities

Since the Internet Cafe at Auroville's Solar Kitchen and the Browsing Centre in the neighbouring village of Kuilapalayam have been opened, we have solved a lot of problems for users who have no personal computers. Anyone - Aurovilians, guests, Newcomers - can come to the Solar Kitchen and the KBC (Kuilapalayam Browsing Centre) to check their e-mail or browse the Net from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Experienced staff are available to help the users in case they need some quick guidance or other assistance.

We have established a wireless radio link with VSNL, one of the main Internet service providers in India, for e-mail and limited Internet access to the schools and several other community services.


AVNET, Auroville's local Intranet site, has been around for about 3-4 years. Although it has changed its looks quite a few times, as yet it has never really been used as the community tool it could be. It is more or less a mirror image of the AV News with a few additional features, like some discussion forums, share ware, news and events, etc.

Some months ago, a few Aurovilians who think of AVNET as an undiscovered bonanza, decided to explore various options and present the AVNET site to the community as a tool to help shape its progress towards becoming the township we all want it to be. The time seemed right to set things in motion. A project formed, so did a team, and funds were found to start it off.

The team is presently gearing up to make the AVNet site as interactive as possible so that users can write their articles or feed back straightaway into the site. The site will be password protected, and may provide the residents with a potent communication method among themselves, thus enabling faster and clearer exchange of ideas within the community so as to more rapidly reach collective decisions.


'Pulse' is a facility to feel out the 'mood of the house' and gauge the community at large regarding certain sensitive issues. It has been working since more than a year and is, essentially, a feedback system based on computer networks, which has the aim of increasing the awareness and understanding of the collective body.
We are aware that better understanding leads to better collective decisions.

For a more detailed overview of what is envisaged here, you may wish to read an article on ‘AuroNET! and the Internet’ as it appeared in the March ’98 issue of Auroville Today.

AuroNET!'s main office is based at
605101 T.N. India
Ph. 0091-413-622084 or 622262

AuroNET! is a unit of the Auroville Communications Group of CSR; Auronet-Connect is a unit of ADPS Trust; and AVNET is a project funded by 'Gateway'.

Contact: avnet@auroville.org.in 

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