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February '03

An electric shock


On the evening of 28th February Hema Arora sent the following letter to Mother:


Douce Mère,

The inauguration ceremony of Auroville this morning was an unforgettable experience. Out of chaos and disorder everything worked towards harmony and beauty.

I had been selected to represent Iraq during the inauguration ceremony but people from that country arrived so I was shifted to represent Yugoslavia. Unluckily for me people from that country also reached Auroville at the last moment. Then I was made a Turk but to my utter dismay people from Turkey also panted in at the last second. Finally I was given the banner of China and that too communist China. You can very well imagine my feelings at that moment! Well, I can at least boast of being the only person to have changed her nationality four times in a single hour.

Douce Mère, as the ceremony started all the muddle and confusion were forgotten. I could feel your presence among us so powerfully, so very concretely that nothing else mattered. An ardent aspiration mounted upwards for the realisation of this beautiful dream of yours; of Auroville - city of Harmony. It was a moment when "earth grew unexpectedly divine".

It was no longer of any importance which country I represented or which countries others stood for, what counted most at that time was that we were present at this very solemn and historic hour in our march towards perfection.

As I walked into the arena with China's flag in my hands an electric shock seemed to have passed through my being emptying it of all thoughts and feelings and "touching the moment with eternity".
Nearly everyone present must have felt something for there was a trance-like quality in their gait when they entered the arena.
Douce Mère today was really a very beautiful and memorable day.

Thank you and good-night.



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