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November 2003

Dedicated followers of fashion

Impi and Mukta
(students of Future School)

On October 13th, the Alliance Française catwalk was bombarded with a fresh set of models. They were none other than eight students from Future School!

Jivatma strutting her stuff, photo credit: Sourya Refuveille

Sporting Hidesign's Spring-Summer collection 2004, Poongudi, Filip, Jochem, Suryamayi, Hilde, Peter, Shanti and Jivatma strutted their stuff accompanied by whistling and yells of encouragement from the crowd of spectators, alongside professional Indian models.

The atmosphere within the building was tense and excited. The show didn't begin until an hour after schedule, which left people with plenty of time to bustle to and fro transporting snacks (samosas, hummus on baguette, and curious little fried pastry balls) and wine.

Then suddenly, going on 8.30 pm, whilst many people were still milling around the snack room, the stage was illuminated and the music began. Flashes of paparazzi-induced light constantly spun around the building, near blinding both the models and any overly-eager audience member who sat down too close to the stage. Experienced cat walkers and fresh Auroville attitude in spanking new leather gear alternated appearances. The grand finale featured all the models together proudly walking to the front of the catwalk in an S-shape, and exiting off the side. Dilip and Jacqueline were called to the stage to take a bow. In less than forty minutes it was all over.

Here is what one of our models (Suryamayi) had to say about her one-day insight into the world of fashion: "At 11 o'clock we all met in the Alliance. Walk (on heels) - up, down, up, down, pose, hold the pose, back straight… This bag, that jacket - no, change the bag, change the routine, start again… My legs were aching already in the morning from the previous night's non-stop dancing at Dilip's… By the end of the day imagine the state I was in… But I loved it, loved every minute! Prasad (trainer of the three past Miss India's, including Aishwarya who became Miss World. Yikes!) was sweet, sophisticated, professional, and considerate. A pleasure to work with. As were the rest of the crew, and the models - some of whom didn't spare joke or advice… And as we walked on stage… blinding lights and the very strongly appreciated cheers, Chali's and Afsaneh's heard above all!!!"

Photo: Jivatma hidesign
Caption: Jivatma strutting her stuff
Photo credit: Sourya Refuveille

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