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The world of creation

(from the Mother's Agenda)

The world of creation has several levels or degrees. It's at the very summit of human consciousness, on the borderline between what Sri Aurobindo calls the lower and the higher hemispheres. It is very high, very high.

The first zone you encounter is the zone of painting, sculpture, architecture: everything that has a material form. It is the zone of forms, coloured forms that are expressed as paintings, sculptures, and architecture. They are not forms as we know them, but rather typal forms; you can see garden types, for instance, wonderfully coloured and beautiful, or construction types.

Then comes the musical zone, and there you find the origin of the sounds that have inspired the various composers. Great waves of music, without sound. It seems a bit strange, but that's how it is.

Beyond the musical zone lies thought: thoughts, organised thoughts for plays and books, abstractions for philosophies. But what used to interest me particularly were the combinations that give birth to novels or plays.

That is the third zone.

What you find there are thought formations that are expressed in each person's brain in his own language...It is the domain of pure thought. That's where you work when you want to work for the whole earth; you don't send out thoughts formulated in words, you send out a pure thought, which then formulates itself in any language in any brain: in all those who are receptive. These formations are at anyone's disposal - nobody can say, "It's MY idea, it's MY book." Anyone capable of ascending to that zone can get hold of the formations and transcribe them materially. .

Higher up, there is a fourth zone, a zone of coloured lights, plays of coloured lights. That's the order: first form, then sound, then ideas, then coloured lights. But that zone is already more distant from humanity; it is a zone of forces, a zone which appears as coloured lights. No forms - coloured lights representing forces. And one can combine these forces so that they work in the terrestrial atmosphere and bring about certain events. It's a zone of action, independent of form, sound and thought; it is above all that. A zone of active power and might you can use for a particular purpose - if you have the capacity to do so.

That's the highest zone.

Thus we have form, expressed in painting, sculpture or architecture; sound, expressed in musical themes; and thought, expressed in books, plays, novels, or even in philosophical and other kinds of intellectual theories . And above this zone, free of form, sound and though, is the play of forces appearing as coloured lights. And when you go there and have the power, you can combine those forces so that they eventually materialise as creations on earth (it takes some time, it's rarely immediate).

In short, when one rises to that Origin, one finds a single vibration, which can be expressed as music or thought or architectural or pictorial forms - is that right?

Yes, but it goes through specific transformations en route. It passes through one zone or another, where it undergoes transformations to adapt itself to the particular mode of expression. The waves of music are one particular mode of expression of those coloured waves - they should really be called "luminous" waves, for they are self-luminous. Waves of coloured light. Great waves of coloured light.


All those zones of artistic creation are very high up in human consciousness, which is
why art can be a wonderful tool for spiritual progress.

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