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Dec 2001

Healing through Bio-Resonance

- by Carel


Afsaneh heals with Bio-Resonance and Square-Wave machines in the Quiet Healing centre.

Afsaneh (left) doing an electro-acupuncture diagnostic test on Agnes (right) while Roswitha (middle) operates the Bio-Resonance machine.

The idea that diseases can be cured and viruses and bacteria destroyed by exposing the patient to electric, magnetic or electromagnetic fields came up by the end of the 1800s. In the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century many machines were being invented that 'worked' on the patients with a wide variety of results. Most experiments failed badly, but there was a growing body of evidence that some of them did improve the condition of seriously ill people. The discovery of radioactivity and X-rays fuelled this field of interest even more.

A few of the over 2000 ampoules with pathological information.But it was a matter of time before the medical establishment and the drug industries mounted calls for regulation, stating that these types of devices were at best harmless but in some cases seriously dangerous. Eventually, the interest declined until the 1960's when 'new age' ideals re-introduced research into these appliances. Much of the mainstream medical establishment though, had meanwhile firmly entrenched itself against this type of 'quackery'. Present day objective research shows however that some appliances do work.

One country whose medical establishment strongly opposes anything deviating from the allopathic path is Germany. Homeopathy, acupuncture and a vast array of other 'alternative' healing methods are but slowly finding acceptance in the official circles. Most of the country's powerful health insurance organisations still refuse to cover the costs of these types of treatments. Given this trend, it is amazing that over 3,500 German doctors and practitioners are nowadays treating their patients with Bio-Resonance machines.

Bio-Resonance is an offshoot from electro-acupuncture. Acupunc-ture relies on the vibration of solid needles inserted into certain spots of the body to cause through resonance an effect elsewhere in the body. Electro-acupuncture creates this resonance by applying small currents to the inserted needles.
In the middle of the previous century two German electro-acupuncturists, Voll and Morell, found out that it is possible to diagnose the body through electro-acupuncture. They discovered that the body's cells communicate with each other by means of certain wavelengths (frequencies), unique to each person. Through experimental research the overall parameters for a healthy person could be established.

A disease is known to disturb and distort the base frequency. Empirical research was able to identify the patterns of distortion - each disease has its own unique pattern - and so to establish the frequency patterns of presently known diseases. The next step was to see if the base frequency could be re-established, and the disease healed, by either exposing the patient to its own base frequencies or by transforming the frequency patterns of the disease. At a later stage they discovered that, if those base frequencies were sent through an ampoule containing a mixture of homeopathic and other medicinal material, the healing results were better. Bio-Resonance, in other words, re-activates the person's cells.

Voll and Morell's research has formed the basis for the Bio Resonance Machines that are now operating in many places in Germany as well as in Auroville. Iranian born Afsaneh, who grew up in Germany before joining Auroville in 1981, found a new vocation in healing patients with this machine. Says she:

"My interest in healing was awakened by my father, who is a chiropractor. But when I decided to come to Auroville I broke off my studies as health practitioner in Germany. Instead I built a place in Kottakarai and started a bead workshop. But the latter didn't work out financially, and I asked my father for financial help to build a guesthouse so that I could get some income. This resulted in ten years of pretty exhausting building activity. Then my life arranged itself in such a way that I decided to go back to Germany for some time to finish my schooling as a health practitioner. I took other exams and learned massage, acupuncture and chiropractice. One day someone exposed me to the Bio-Resonance system of healing. It completely changed my outlook. I studied it and did some more exams and then opened my own practice in Germany. After four years of practice, it was time to return to Auroville. At the time the Quiet Healing Centre was being built and I was invited to join. I brought my Bio-Resonance and my Square Wave machine to Auroville and for the last two years now I am working with them in Quiet."


Bio-Resonance is a developing healing method and Afsaneh does her share of empirical research. Most Bio-Resonance machines are operating in the temperate climates of Europe and the USA. Afsaneh is one of the few healers who works with tropical diseases.

"We keep email contact to inform one another on recent development and I return regularly to Europe to learn about new treatment methods and share my research results. As many tropical diseases have migrated to cooler climates because of increased travel, there is a lot of research going on in Germany, so I am not alone."

The machine requires regular updating. A recent addition is working with magnetic mats in order to improve the healing effect, bringing the machine's overall value up to Rs. 12 lakhs (US$ 25.210). Given that Afsaneh doesn't charge Aurovilians for her treatments, updates are exclusively financed by donations from well-wishers.
Though she is the only person working in India with this type of machine, the technique is not unknown here. "Recently I received a visit from a doctor based in Madras who was also working with bio-resonance - a different type of machine - and was happy to share information. It would be very good if some kind of all-India network could be created," says Afsaneh.

A first encounter with Bio-Resonance starts with Afsaneh diagnosing the body using the bio-resonance machine in combination with the ancient Chinese "five elements" system (wood, earth, water, fire, and metal). A first check-up takes between two to three hours but it almost always, she says, results in establishing the origin of the disease. "Then I give a first treatment. Normally, another ten follow up treatments of on average one hour each are required to restore the patient's health to 'normal.' I also advise on a diet to help the body to regain its balance and heal itself. "
Physical diseases, according to some doctors, are results of psychological disorders. Bio-Resonance acknowledges this and has established what it calls "the psychology of each organ," aiming not only at healing the disease but also at healing its psychological origin. "We give the organ the push to find its balance, and the therapist helps the person by explaining this psychological link so that the patient can become conscious of the psychological habits which may have caused the disease, and work on it. This is an area where I want to do more research," says Afsaneh.

Nevertheless, there are limits to the Bio-Resonance healing method. "We don't play God," says Afsaneh. For example, you can hardly treat cancer with Bio-Resonance, perhaps only when it is in its first phase. But after that, Bio-Resonance cannot help. Another area where Bio-Resonance is ineffective is in dealing with psychological diseases like schizophrenia."

The attempt to heal cancer with electric frequencies is not new. "In the first half of the 20th century there was an American researcher called Royal Raymond Rife who had invented a machine with which he claimed he could heal cancer," continues Afsaneh. "Rife held that cancer was caused by parasites and viruses, and that by exposing them to certain frequencies the cancer disappeared. Experiments did indeed show that his machine worked, but afterwards there was a massive opposition to his work. His laboratories were torched, his research was discredited, he was heavily attacked and his life ended in misery. Interest in his inventions has re-awakened, though, and many people are now trying to re-build Rife's original machines, as its technology was wantonly destroyed and has been lost. What has resulted so far is the so-called 'Square Wave' machine, which effectively kills parasites, viruses and bacteria. I have brought one of these machines along and use it frequently. I have observed that its effect are indeed as claimed."

Though working with Bio-Resonance and Square Wave machines in Auroville does fulfil a dream, the work situation at Quiet is far from ideal. The main problem is the lack of funds. Quiet provides free treatment to Aurovilians and members of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, and gets the necessary income from visitors. This income, however, is insufficient to cover the costs of assistants, machine updates and maintenance and additional equipment to guarantee continuous electricity supply. Added to this there is the question how useful the treatment is for short-term visitors. "The main problem," says Afsaneh "is that visitors like to get a diagnosis but do not bother to get follow-up treatments in their own country. They are attracted by the idea of being tested - for which, in Germany, they would pay between 400 and 500 German Marks - but not in the follow up treatments that would cost them another 100 to 150 German Marks each. That makes this work for them pretty useless."

The Aurovilians and Ashramites, however, are eager patients. Afsaneh's schedule is booked months in advance, which by itself shows that the treatment does have positive effects. "Dealing with Ashramites in particular is very rewarding," says Afsaneh, "I am time and again touched to the core by the total devotion for the Divine these people express in their way of being. That, indeed, makes this work very fulfilling."

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