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Dec 2001


Experiencing Oneness

- by Devaki


One evening, when I had the opportunity to sit peacefully on the porch with my sleeping daughter in my lap, the rays of the setting sun caressing us with their warm golden glow, the thought crossed my mind "This is just how the Divine's love embraces us always." I realised that the sense of "togetherness" I experienced at that moment, extended more widely to include the whole of Auroville and all the Aurovilians. Looking back in time, I became aware that I came to know this tender side of Auroville when I was expecting my child. Previously, I had only known Auroville as a hardworking community with every Aurovilian pursuing his/her own work and inner development.

When I became conscious about the new life in me, I was thrilled and extremely happy. But if I thought that no one else could feel the joy as I did, I was wrong. The moment I revealed my dear secret to Hilde, Auroville's beloved mid-wife, I saw an unforgettable love come into her eyes which was the beginning of her unwavering support, understanding and guidance. She did her regular check-ups with so much care that it made me feel special.
I became quickly aware that pregnancy is respected in Auroville as a very special state. Mother has said, "that the education of the human being should begin at birth and continue throughout his life. Indeed, if we want this education to have its maximum result, it should begin even before birth." The mother-to-be in Auroville aspires to realise the ideal that her thoughts are always beautiful and pure, her feelings always noble and fine, her material surroundings as harmonious as possible and full of great simplicity, and she finds that there is a network of support to help her in this endeavour.

As I prepared for the delivery of my child, I had the opportunity to enjoy many of the different therapies offered by Aurovilians, such as the physical exercise classes, foot massage, water treatment and pranic healing, all of which helped me to maintain the right inner attitude during the whole period of my pregnancy and thereafter.

The most interesting exercise classes for expectant mothers were the ones given by Aloka, who also teaches 'Body Awareness' at Transition School. She explains exactly which muscles to work on, which exercises help against back pains, and which ones most help the child to come easily into this world. Her lucid explanations were a stark contrast to the conservative society of my native West Bengal where the discussion of these issues is not so open. The meditations with her, the discussions, and the yoga nidras were extremely helpful to become ready to be a mother. I love her for her meticulous care and those moments will live with me forever.

After the birth, Auroville once again expressed its normally hidden warmth, which also comes out often when someone is taken ill. The little one was welcomed most lovingly. Many Aurovilians passed by, people called to know whether I needed something for the new born. Baby essentials were brought to me from all over the world. They all conveyed the message that we are part of one family without any discrimination of race, colour or creed. I would never have imagined that Aurovilians could be so loving and caring if I hadn't lived this experience.

Auroville made me feel part of a one huge caring family. Outer appearances notwithstanding, it still makes my heart beat in oneness.


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