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January '03

Long-term guest status revised

- from an interview by Alan

The Entry Group recently revised the conditions under which someone can become a long-term guest of Auroville. A long-term guest is someone who wishes to reside in Auroville for more than six months and up to one year to work in and for Auroville without necessarily intending to join Auroville. The long-term guest has the possibility to work in a service, a unit, or a working group in the context of a study, a research project or an exchange programme.

The long-term guest' status is granted by Auroville's Entry Group. Those who would like to avail themselves of this possibility should themselves arrange for a place to work and for accommodation in Auroville. Foreigners who would like to become a long-term guest should also apply to the Entry Group for a recommendation letter to obtain an Entry Visa from their home country. The Entry Visa issued on the recommendation of the Entry Group is for the purpose of residing and working in Auroville only, and cannot be used for extensive travel in India.

The registration fee for long-term guests is Rs. 4000 for adults, Rs. 1000 for students, trainees or civil volunteers . Long-term guests are also required to pay the general monthly contribution of Rs.1200 to the Central Fund. In case of foreign nationals, a return ticket or the amount equivalent to a return ticket is to be deposited. The ticket or the money will be returned upon departure.

Children of long-term guests below the age of 18 years can study in Auroville schools, subject to the availability of place. Before coming to Auroville, enquiries with the Auroville School Board should be made. A contribution towards the educational expenses will be asked.

A long-term guest must take up residence in Auroville, but cannot build a house in Auroville.

In case of negative feedback or difficulties with integration into Auroville, the Entry Group may cancel the long-term guest status and ask the person to leave Auroville.


Home > Journals & MediaJournals > Auroville Today > Long-term guest status revised

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