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Mar 2002

Fragile! Handle with care!

- by Savitri


On a hot August morning 1979, curious Aurovilians gathered in one of the straw huts of Aspiration to watch a baby girl being born. After a couple of days, the parents thought it might be a cool idea to call her something; why not Savitri?! And that's how I arrived in this beautiful land, a naked little girl running about the huts, playing with just about anything for dolls were not available in those days.

Growing up in Auroville was very special. Many children had ponies and we would gather and go riding throughout the land with a feeling of ultimate, unlimited freedom. There were very few fences and we could go everywhere. These were the days when joy was found in simplicity, for material comfort and artificial entertainment were non-existent. That was the magic of my childhood.

School was a great learning experience. When I was a small child, someone told me that school was a fantastic tool to develop and broaden the mind as sports develops and broadens the capacities of the body. So, I was a good student and elders had great expectations from a 'child of the future'.
But, as every adolescent, I went through this phase when one has to become something but does not know what yet and waits for the day when one KNOWS.
That's when I became classified as a 'waste case'! In most cultures, it is expected from young people to find a profession, a family and a house as most essential things in life. Auroville was created as an experimental place to find new and truer values in life, which made my adolescence all the more difficult, sometimes very frustrating and sometimes very enlightening.
How does one know how the Divine has planned to use us in his Work? It is a very delicate problem to handle: 'Fragile! Handle with Care.' The answer only comes with a complete and thorough surrender to His Will. This is one of the most precious lessons, growing up here, has taught me. Another one is that no one except the Divine himself and only Him can judge me and help me discover the Truth.
This is what gave me the strength and courage to try and become myself despite all external judgments, which can often be flattering or discouraging and even depressing at moments, but false most of the time. How boring it is to hide in all these artificial and mental constructions we have built to fill the void of the unanswered question! Life is an extraordinary and infinite learning process. What a Grace and a Joy to be a part of it.

I believe that Auroville will have reached its perfection the day when all Aurovilians will stop pretending and start manifesting the Truth of their beings. On this day, Love, Peace and Harmony will flow for Unity will be, Falsehood will have nothing left to hold unto and a New Life will begin..

Who ever said something about Aurovilians lacking work?!


Home > Journals & MediaJournals  > Auroville Today > Fragile! Handle with care!

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