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Mar 2002

You'll live in interesting times

- Toth in conversation with Carel



"From Auroville's birthday February 28th, 2002 onwards the Divine Mother will directly take charge of Auroville," predicts astrologer Toth.

Birth chart of Auroville

Toth is an uncommon figure. Known as 'the man with the bowler hat', this Frenchman is a regular visitor. Many Aurovilians, aware that he is a gifted astrologer, gladly take advantage of his free consultations. But, busy though he is with individuals' horoscopes, his main interest is in studying Auroville's development. Says he: "This year, some amazing conjunctions are going to happen, and they will greatly influence Auroville's future. You are in for 'interesting times'".

Auroville was born on the 28th of February at 10.30 a.m. under the sign of Pisces. The birth chart shows that there are three master influences: Neptune, which in Toth's system of astrology represents the Divine Mother; Pluto, which represents the inconscience, the ignorance and the obscurity; and Uranus, which stands for the Supramental. "It is because of these master influences that I say that Auroville is truly The Mother's city. For all those who have read Mother's Agenda know to what tremendous extent The Mother, who was incorporating the Supramental force, was confronting the ignorance and inconscience," says Toth.

"Neptune, for me," he continues, "is the most beautiful planet. But its great influence has, nearly from the date of Auroville's birth, been mitigated by Pluto, who has been responsible for the slow growth and development of Auroville and for the difficulties and delays in manifesting anything that comes close to Auroville's ideals.
"Uranus represents the cosmic - you could even say galactic - influence, what I consider the Supramental to be. It is therefore no accident that the city of Auroville is planned as a spiral galaxy with a divine centre. It is a symbol. At the same time it indicates that Auroville will have the possibility to create something transcendental, Supramental as was envisaged by The Mother.

"The presence of Uranus has another consequence, which is that Auroville just cannot be governed in any of the ordinary ways, be it through democracy or anything else. It indicates that Auroville is a city that can only be directed by highly-evolved people, by sages, spiritual beings of a high degree, who should motivate and stimulate. They should not be governors who tell the people what they have to do. They should be intermediaries, who will 'inspire' the people and be open to receive the intuition.
"The fourth important planetary influence of Auroville's birth chart comes from Venus. Venus is the force that helps to realise destiny, and her way of helping is through the development of Love. This implies that it is Love what should direct the city. Venus is at the same time the master of the ascendant, which means that it is also a power of love at the physical level, which finds its expression in physical beauty. It is for that that the city has to be in harmony with its environment, and at the same time, novel in the ways of its material expression and abundant in the expression of physical beauty.

"But a lot is going to change soon, and I promise you that the year 2002 will be extraordinary. Exactly on February 28th, 2002, Neptune will be in the mid-heaven of Auroville's chart. This means that the Divine Mother will take direct charge of the development of Auroville. This will show in all its aspects. Auroville will begin to be established in its perfect purity. This year the Truth will come forward. Also, the time for change in the way the city is to be managed has finally arrived. Another form of internal government, the one which I call the guidance by sages, is at hand. You may not be able to find your intuitively guided people immediately, but I guarantee you that they are bound to come. The community can do no better than to invoke their presence.

"This change of internal management, indicated by Uranus, started in 1998 when Dr. Kireet Joshi became Chairman of the International Advisory Council and Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation. In that year, Uranus came to be in the mid-heaven of Auroville's chart. This shows the importance of Kireet.
"Also in 2002, Pluto leaves the seventh house, the house of relationships. As a consequence, Auroville will become more open. It will welcome those who need to come, and ways will be found to keep out those who only wish to join Auroville to improve their economic circumstances. Due to the retrogression of Pluto in the months of July and August, a bit of retardation may be expected in these months, but by autumn 2002 these problems should be over.

"We can also expect more clarity. Since 1998, Venus and Mercury reinforce each other: they are together, which means that love and intelligence have joined, and they are in direct opposition with Pluto. This means that the moment of clarity has arrived and that the Aurovilians will come to see clearly what no longer has a place and what needs to be transformed.

"At the same time that Neptune enters the mid-heaven of Auroville's chart, Venus will be in conjunction with it - a unique occurrence. Neptune is as it were the higher octave of Venus. It means that in 2002 the power of the Divine Mother, the Supreme Love, will open the heart chakra of all Aurovilians, and this will most definitely have a great influence on the relationships between Aurovilians and between Auroville and the outside.

In short, 2002 will mark the inauguration of the true Auroville."

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