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Jan 2002

Organisation in disarray

- by Carel


Some working groups fail to attract individuals to participate in the work. Due to this, the Executive Council has ceased to exist.


The Executive Council (EC), the working group that deals with internal matters of the community, has for all practical purposes ceased to exist. From December onwards its three remaining members are all out of station for a few months.

In September, the EC joined forces with the Working Committee (WC), the working group that acts as the interface with the Governing Board and its Secretary. The WC is equally holding the fort with only three members. Together they performed all the tasks of both working groups. Now, in the absence of the EC members, the work normally done by the EC falls on the WC.

The lack of interest in doing this type of community service is not only affecting these working groups, but others as well - most obviously the Development Group. It is hoped that the disarray will be only temporal. Work is continuing on formulating a new internal organisation. The document entitled 'Towards a Divine Anarchy' which formulates this new structure is now in its fourth incarnation, and will be presented to the community soon for finalisation. But a new structure by itself will not be sufficient to attract qualified people to this type of work. A change of attitude from the community towards those who do this work will be required: appreciation instead of unceasing criticism; a recognition of the difficulty of this work instead of a fear of power trips; and an inclusive and supporting mentality instead of an attitude of exclusiveness dividing the world into 'us' and 'them'.

Home > Journals & MediaJournals  > Auroville Today > Organisation in disarray

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