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A statue of Canadian sculptor Robert Lorrain, called ‘L'Offrande', 'The Offering,' has been donated to Auroville and will be installed in the pond near Café Morgan at the Town Hall. ‘The Offering', says Lorrain, ‘is the result of various inspirations and attempts to express the meaning of ‘offering' as described by Sri Aurobindo in his ‘The Synthesis of Yoga':

“It is the inner offering of the heart's adoration, the soul of it in the symbol, the spirit of it in the act, that is the very life of the sacrifice. If this offering is to be complete and universal, then a turning of all our emotions to the Divine is imperative. This is the intensest way of purification for the human heart, more powerful than any ethical or aesthetic catharsis could ever be by its half-power and superficial pressure. A psychic fire within must be lit into which all is thrown with the Divine Name upon it. In that fire all the emotions are compelled to cast off their grosser elements and those that are undivine perversions are burned away and the others discard their insufficiencies, till a spirit of largest love and a stainless divine delight arises out of the flame and smoke and frankincense.”

The statue is one of two donations from the sculptor to Auroville. The Styrofoam moulds for a second sculpture have also arrived in Auroville, but this one is yet to be cast.

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