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March 2007


Message from Roger Anger


Roger Anger. Photo by John Mandeen.Since the day the Mother decided to give a form and a dimension to Her Vision, She has never ceased to watch over all the details of its manifestation while working through a handful of people of committed faith and dedication.

The work to be achieved still needs a consecration consonant with the spiritual responsibilities the Mother required for this construction.

The teams working on the Matrimandir have renewed themselves over the years. Succeeding one another, they have devoted their time and courage to the achievement of this task in spite of pressure and resistance. Each in his or her own way and to their own capacity knew how to offer their indispensable contribution to the creation of this unique building: the Matrimandir, the tool of The Mother to accelerate the transformation and the advent of a new consciousness.

Undoubtedly it was impossible to assume the responsibility for a work of such an importance without the play of ‘forces' wanting to delay its completion – yet even they collaborated fully in its fulfilment.

Today, we must forget the difficulties of the past and fully enjoy seeing the miracle of its realization being finally accomplished.

Auroville, 30th January 2007


Home > Journals & MediaJournals  > Auroville Today > March 2007

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