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Population continues to rise

- Alan

Auroville's population has grown over the period December 2006 November 2007 by 75 (or about 4%, roughly the same as last year). There are now 43 nationalities represented, with the addition of two new countries, Moldova and Norway .

The largest increase was in the Indian population: 39. However, the largest percentage rise is in the number of South Africans: an increase of 600% (a jump from 1 to 6). The Israelis increased their representation by 33% (from 21 to 28).

Most other nationalities recorded relatively unchanged figures, although the French representation increased by 11 and the Dutch by 8 (arresting three years of declining numbers). The British, Korean and Austrian communities registered a slight decline in their population.

In terms of the breakdown of nationalities, Indians now represent just over 40% of the total population, the French 15% and the Germans just under 12%., figures which are almost unchanged since last year. More than 2 out of 3 Aurovilians are now either Indian, French or German.

The adult gender ratio is now 89 females to 100 males. Last year it was 87:100. The ratio for minors (under 18) is 93 females to 100 males, a significant increase in female representation over the previous three years. The ratio of minors to adults has also changed. Whereas it was 27:100 last year, it has now increased to 30:100.
With bated breath we await the deep explication of these figures.

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