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The Unity Kolam ceremony


Photo by Giorgio


At the initiative of Auroville International, the bonfire event of February 28th witnessed an unusual spectacle. When the bonfire was over, the sounds of gongs announced a special event. White-dressed children walking in a beeline brought candles to the urn in the amphitheatre, then walked down to the base of the urn to deposit a handful of earth in a container placed in the middle of the Auroville symbol.

Photo by Giorgio

“It is the result of our aspiration to create an event that will reignite and rekindle in our hearts a remembering, and renewal of our true aim in Auroville to unite the earth for humanity as a whole,” wrote Auroville International in the News and Notes to explain the event. “Over the last few months, people from around the world – friends and supporters of Auroville – have been responding to a call to send samples of earth.” Over 120 samples from all over the planet have been collected from places including Mt Kailash, Easter Islands , City of Akhentaten and from land in the Netherlands that once was below the sea! The places where samples have been collected are highlighted – often with a photo and description – on a special website created to profile this event: http://www.humanunity.info/.

Early morning of the Golden Day, February 29th, the day commemorating the descent of the supramental consciousness, the soils were combined as a symbolic gesture of a unified earth. The samples were e packed into Auroville-made gift cards and distributed as an out-reaching gesture to the world which has supported and nurtured the vision of Auroville since it began 40 years ago.

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