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What is Auroville Today?

Auroville Today is a monthly English-language publication that since 1988 has documented life in Auroville in all its aspects. In more than 250 issues, it has been keeping people around the world informed, in the light of Auroville's aims and ideals, on aspects such as education, village development, forestation, business, health care, culture, the economy and much, much more. In fact, some of the information in this website comes from past issues of Auroville Today.


Keep in touch.

To receive up-to-date information on Auroville, the best way is to keep in touch by subscribing to Auroville Today. Every month Auroville Today presents in-depth articles, interviews, profiles, reviews and many quality photographs of Auroville and its inhabitants.
Another way to learn about Auroville is to order the book The Auroville Experience. It contains the best and most informative articles from over 200 issues of Auroville Today written between 1988 and 2005.

Subscription information

One year subscription rates:
India Rs. 450;
other countries Rs 2,000 equivalent

Two year subscription rate:
India Rs. 800;
other countries Rs 3,700 equivalent.

Subscribe Online

Those for whom the subscription rate is an obstacle are invited to contact Auroville Today for information on reduced rates.

Auroville Today does not receive any funds from Auroville.
Your subscription (or your supporting contribution of double the amount) helps us to continue this work.


How to subscribe or renew your subscription

There are three ways to subscribe or renew your subscription:

Pay on line. Subscriptions can be ordered and paid on-line through http://www.auroville.com/

  Send your cheque to Auroville Today , Surrender, Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu, India. Cheques sent to Auroville Today should be made payable to Auroville Unity Fund, specifying: 'Contribution for Auroville Today'. Personal cheques are preferred to bank cheques. Please do not send postal money orders or cash.

  Send your cheque to one of the following Auroville International Centres:

Auroville International Deutschland,
Solmsstrasse 6, 10961 Berlin,
tel. (49)- (0)30 - 42803150, Fax (49) - (0)30 - 92 09 13 76,
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
BIC: GENODEM1GLS IBAN: DE 16430609678019389200
email: info@auroville.de

The Netherlands and Belgium: 
Auroville International Nederland
Athlonestraat 77, 6524 BJ Nijmegen, 
Triodos Bank nr  1984.20.927, IBAN    NL26 TRIO 0198 4209 27, BIC  CODE    TRIONL2U,

U.K. : Auroville International U.K ., c/o Martin Littlewood, 30 The Green, Surlingham, Norwich NR14 7AG, tel. 01508-538300, fax 01508-537122, email: info@aviuk.org


USA: Make checks payable to
Pondicherry, 12 Tinker St, Woodstock NY 12498
or call in your credit card
information to 845-679-2926.
email: info@pondi.biz
website: http://pondi.biz


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