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Price is Rs.550 per copy,
and the book is available via www.auroville.com
or direct from the Visitors Centre, the Freeland Bookshop or
Prisma in the Aurelec compound.

Footsteps through the salad

Tim Wrey


Written in easy-to-read layman’s language, and packed with interesting information and over 180 illustrations, ‘Footsteps through the salad’ is a book that should appeal to the intellectually curious of all ages, and specially to nature lovers.

Broken into sections on amphibians, mammals, birds, reptiles, flying insects, micro-organisms and other creatures, the book covers 65 life-forms that most visitors to Auroville will be familiar with by name, but probably know little about, ranging from the popular and attractive ones like the squirrels, birds and butterflies to the less popular or shunned creatures like the snakes, ants, centipedes and scorpions. It also covers seven natural phenomena such as cyclones, thunder & lightning, wind, the mechanism of the monsoon, the 300-million year war between plants and insects, etc.

Although the book focuses on one geographical location, namely the emerging international-universal township of Auroville, virtually all the fauna and natural phenomena covered can also be found or experienced elsewhere in India, hence the relevance of the book to other parts of India.

Of special significance, the book is almost certainly the first of its kind in India, in that other publications on wildlife either focus on just parts of the fauna, like the birds, tigers, reptiles, insects, etc, or are specialist limited-edition reports on surveys of particular locations carried out by scientists / zoologists for fellow academics. Footsteps is a book for the general public.

To summarise, this is a book not only rich in detail, full of fascinating facts, and therefore both entertaining and educational, but a book which is likely to increase appreciation among readers of the rich wildlife that we are surrounded by in India, and the need to protect and preserve it for the benefit of future generations.


For further information e-mail:
prisma@auroville.org.in or timwrey@auroville.org.in


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