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January 2011




Ten talks by Georges van Vrekhem




In September to December 2010, wellloved Aurovilian author and speaker Georges van Vrekhem gave a series of ten talks on different topics of contemporary interest, viewed in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s vision and work.

The first four were held in the Town Hall in September and October, the others at Savitri Bhavan in November and December.
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The CD will be also available at Savitri Bhavan.

Adam Kadmon and Evolution: Adam Kadmon is the name given in the Gnostic tradition to the archetype of terrestrial evolution – a form underlying all the forms leading up to and beyond the human.
The Development of Sri Aurobindo’s Thought: the story of his explorations, discoveries is spellbinding, unfolded against the background of world history.
Preparing for the Miraculous: The great Change is taking place now – perhaps we should see our task of transitional beings as a preparation for the unexpected; our dedicated effort is essential.
What Arjuna saw – the Dark Side of the Force: The Integral Yoga is a constant battle with the hostile forces.
2012 and 1956: Because of predictions based on the Mayan calendar, some people believe the world may end in 2012. That there is an intensifying global crisis developing is clear. 1956 was the year when, according to the Mother, the Supermind manifested, inaugurating a new era on our planet.
Bridges across the Afterlife: The Mother has stated that one of the tasks of her incarnation was to provide a safe passage for the deceased on their way to the psychic world through vital and mental realms. Today more and more cases are reported of ‘near-death experiences’ which people returning from the ultimate limit describe in ecstatic terms.
Being Human and the Copernican Principle: Over recent centuries materialistic thought has gradually eroded the conception of Man as being made in the image of God to that of an animal amongst animals. The image that humanity has of itself determines its choice of ideals and action.
Sri Aurobindo’s Descent into Death: On the 60th anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s passing, a review of what we know and can try to grasp about his voluntary descent into Death and its consequences.
Sri Aurobindo and the Big Bang: Sri Aurobindo closely followed the development of scientific thought during his lifetime. In Savitri he takes a clear stand for the ‘Big Bang’ theory, at a time when it was barely formulated and far from the general consensus it is today.
Theodicy: ‘Nature makes no mistakes’: Theodicy is the
justification of the works of the Divine in his manifestation.
Nature is the work of the Great Mother, the Conscious-Force of
the Divine. How does Sri Aurobindo justify Her creation?


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