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March '03


Eternal Youth

Rays of Light from The Mother

- by Arka, Auroville


"Auroville will be the place of un unending education, of constant progress, and a youth that never ages"


This small booklet containing a selection from the works of the Mother is designed to express the aim and spirit of ARKA (which means 'ray of light'), a new-to-be centre for senior Aurovilians who wish to continue living an active, integral life while dealing with possible physical challenges that may occur with age. The booklet contains a wide variety of Mother's sayings, guiding one through the process of aging and all it entails.


The listing of the contents indicate the nature of the booklet:

  • The Secret of Eternal Youth
  • Youth is Perpetual Progres
  • The Causes of Agin
  • The Necessity of Death
  • The Mind, Vital and Physical in Aging
  • Awakening Consciousness in Matter
  • A New Birth into the True Consciousness
  • Towards Immortality


Published by: ARKA, Auroville

Printed at: All India Press, Pondicherry
Designed by: Prisma, Auroville


see also:www.auroville.org/society/arka.html

Contact: mariagrazia@auroville.org.in

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