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February '03

Moments of Magic

a supplement to Moments of Magic

Moments of Magic

Wholesome to Goodness, Food, Cooking and Enjoying,
for a Fun-Filled Discovery of a New You

- by Dr. Beena Ramesh Naik


This is a book of collection of recipes for vegetarian food along with stories of festivals, celebrations and happenings.


This dreaming for the food of the future. This will for fulfillment, for self-sufficiency in food, woven together out of threads of the past and the present, knotted together into a colourful, fun-filled flying carpet zooming off to wonder-filled discoveries of food, self and the world.
Life, vitality and zest, through experiments in organic fusion beginning with organic living..
The focus is on the vitality of food through minimum cooking. For this traditional recipes have been adapted to ensure the maximum vitality.

Presented in a pleasing format with lively drawings, this book is a meditation on one of India's ancient discoveries, "Annam Cha Brahma": Food is Brahma.
The venue is Auroville. A universal township founded by the Mother of the Sri Auronindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Auroville at present has people from thirty five countries. From "the living laboratory" that Auroville is meant to be, to use all discoveries of the past to bridge with all future possibilities, comes this offerings of a fresh new presentation of thinking, eating, drinking, cooking food

All the proceeds from this book will support organic farming in Auroville and its drive towards sustainability and self-sufficiency so that it can take a major step forward towards increased awareness and use of local indigenous varieties of grains for healthy gains.

Dr. Beena Ramesh Naik is known in Auroville simply as Beena. She is an Allopathic medical practitioner with training in Paediatrics and educated in Management of Health from U.S.A. She knows that the health spectrum can unfold for all only when medicine will become preventive through developement of community health initiatives including innovative nutrition, organic farming and environmentally friendly advances. Moments of Magic is her first book from Auroville.


Published by:

Editions of Auroville Press International, Auroville
in collaboration with
Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research
Bharat Nivas, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, 605101, India
135 pages, ISBN: 81-87373-20-2


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