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November 2006


How to think

A talk by Sraddhalu Renade




This DVD is the first part of a workshop series that awakens us to a deeper understanding of the nature of thought and the means of its cultivation.


The power of thought is unique to the human species. It is the basis of our capacity to learn, grow and master our environment. The quality of our mental self-awareness, the clarity of our thoughts, the way we think, and the goals that we set ourselves – these are the things that ultimately determine the quality of our lives. And yet, we rarely pause to consider how we think and how we can train and further develop and refine this power.


How can we learn to think more clearly and more efficiently? How can we train our minds to become quiet, to open to a higher working of intuition? How can we deal with the contradictory ideas and conflicting situations of daily life?


As we begin to understand the deeper reality of thoughts and the way our minds function, we can learn to become master of our mind, and train it to become the leader of our evolution, and make it the key to unlocking our higher potential.


This DVD includes various practical exercises to quiet and silence the mind, to open it to a vast peace, and awaken it to a higher power of intuition.


“If God is all-powerful, can he create a stone that he cannot lift?”



Sraddhalu Ranade is a scientist, educationist and seeker on the spiritual path. He has been an inmate of Sri Aurobindo Ashram since he was six months old, where he grew up in the care of late Sri M. P. Pandit. He is presently involved in various activities including video productions, software development, and teacher-training programmes. He has travelled widely within India and abroad meeting interested audiences to share his insights on varied themes. A multi-faceted personality, he delivers talks and conducts workshops
on numerous subjects including Integral Education, Management, Self-Development, Indian culture, Science and Spirituality, Yoga.



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