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March '04


Integral Yoga

The spiritual ideals of Auroville

- by Bindu Mohanty, Auroville


" For thousands of years we have been developing outer means, outer instruments, outer techniques for living- and in the end those means and techniques are crushing us. The sign of the new humanity is a reversal of outlook and the understanding that inner means, inner knowledge and inner techniques can change the world and master it without crushing it.

Auroville is the place where this new way of living is being worked out: it is a centre of accelerated evolution where man must begin to change his world by means of the power of the inner spirit".

The Mother


Published by: Auroville International Association

Printed at: All India Press, Pondicherry 2004

Cover photos: Ireno Guerci
Designed by: Prisma, Auroville
Distributed by:
Auroville Today, Surrender, Auroville 605101, India


Contact: avtoday@auroville.org.in

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