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April 2002 release

'Living colours' is Nadaka's latest musical adventure with the Basavaraj brothers,
5 outstanding Indian musicians. This all acoustic fusion brings together elements of Hindustani, Carnatic classical and more jazzy modes. It's a happening!

Nadaka- Guitar
Bala Sai - Flute
Ragavendra - Violin
Sivaramakrishna - Sitar
Ganesh - Tabla
Ramakrishna - Mridangam, Kanjira and Ghatam


Recorded at Rain Tree Studio, Auroville
Engineered by Didier Weiss
Produced by Nadaka

In his time, Sudharshana Rao Basavaraj, a reputed flutist from Andhra Pradesh who had a great career playing for thousands of Indian film songs, had the wish that his children would grow up immersed in the great classical traditions of Indian music, both North Indian (Hindustani) and South Indian (Carnatic).

From birth, he chose their diverse instruments and at early ages gave them their initial musical training, later sending each of them across India to study with their respective musical gurus. Soon, their home in Chennai became a place where various musical disciplines (Gharanas) converged and met freely under one roof. And their name spread wide. As youngsters the Basavaraj brothers performed more than five thousand concerts throughout India, and with time, each became an acclaimed individual performer.

I first met Raghavendra (violinist) with the idea of playing a completely acoustic, Raga-based music where classical and not-so-classical would combine harmoniously. The outcome of our first musical exchange was instantaneously gratifying and somewhat magical. But most surprising was that as each new rehearsal unfolded, unexpectedly one more brother would turn up and spontaneously join in with enthusiasm, - thus adding a new colour to our musical venture.

This is how the Basavaraj brothers were again brought together as a group and, this joyful combination came to be called 'Living colours'.




Home > Journals & Media > Books & CDs > Living colours

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