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Eternity Game


Educational CDs and DVDs


Dr Alok Pandey
"The Journey of Love"

Evolution fast-forward

Ten talks by George Van Vrekhem

Songs for children

Auroville Integral Yoga
and the Future of Mankind

India's Reunion and World Union

Introduction to Integral Education

How to think



Books & Brochures written by Aurovilians, recent publications:


Papui and Elay - Health trek

Auroville International
The Worldwide Network of Auroville Friends

Fenetres ouvertes sur le monde

Economics for People and Earth
The Auroville case 1968-2008


The little wave

Footsteps through the salad

Auroville Architects monograph series :
Poppo Pingel

Towards Tomorrow Auroville and Africa
by Tekeste

“Roger Anger: Research on Beauty"
by Anupama Kundoo

"The Journeying Years" by Dianna

Roger Harris "Alchemies of the night"

"Between Seasons" by Lloyd

Turning Points: An inner story of the
beginnings of Auroville

The knowledge society

Sri Aurobindo: A Contemporary Reader

Moments of Magic - a cookbook

India and the future of South Asia

La Mère - Une biographie

Awareness through the Body

Hitler and his God



Auroville, un aller simple? (in French)

Antithesis of Yoga

The Auroville Foundation Act and
The Mother's Guidelines

Indigo Spirit

What is a Tree?

This Earth is Ours

Refugees from Paradise

Made in Auroville, India

Integral Yoga

The Thousand Petalled Daisy

An Evolutionary Agenda for the third


How my garden grew

Patterns of the Present

Moments of Magic

Eternal Youth

Auroville Architecture (Brochure)

Books written by Aurovilians, previous publications:

in English
in French


see also: Poetry



A call to acquire the lands for AV
Agni Jata-Fire Born
Auroville, a city in search
Two Dreams, One World: the Dalai Lama in Auroville
Matrimandir, House of the New Creation
The Genius of India
Auroville, A Dream of the Divine


Languages CD

Auro - Lang: Self Teaching Method in four Languages



Living colours by Nadaka

10 Poems by Sri Aurobindo
Hymns and Songs in Sanskrit




Aurovilians being an inspired and always creative folk, it goes without saying that the township's growth brings a steady stream of sometimes major and sometimes perhaps lesser creations along with it.

What they have in common is that all of them carry and communicate -each in their own way- a particular something of Auroville.., be it a lingering vibration or practical information, a memory or melody.., a tone, a touch..

And while you may find many of these already mentioned in our Art & Culture and other pages, we here intend to offer you newer creations as and when they emerge.

For your enjoyment! 







Downloadable books:

Small scale industry in Auroville
(a research and a guide)


Au-delà de la modernité,
du patriarcat et du capitalisme


Line Colour Form


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