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Newsletter of the Auroville Health Centre




Welcome to this new edition of Kuyil with a new team of editors and a new medium for those of you with access to the internet.  Kuyil was started in 1995 by Drs Assumpta and Lucas as a way of reaching a wider audience with information about the work of the Health Centre.  Since Kuyil started Dr Lucas has been the editor.  We thank him for all the hard work involved in bringing out this quarterly paper for so long which enables us to now provide this new transformation of it onto the Internet.  Thank you very much Lucas from all of us on the new team Assumpta, Albert, Devashish and Priya.

Although in this new format we will be bringing you a completely new magazine every quarter we will also be putting updates on in-between making it even easier for you to keep up to date with developments.  If you would like us to email you when updates are added please fill in the following:





       November 2000


This quarter we bring you:



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