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With gratitude to our donors

Health Education videos project

T o keep the Health Centre running we rely on our donors.  How we have made use of some of our donations are as follows:

As all our readers probably know our main donors are DIK, Deutsch Indishes Kinderhilfswerk, a German association led by Chandran and Helga Tucker from Koln.  Thanks to them we are not only able to cover the running expenses of the Health Centre, with all the village programs, but also to improve our equipment.  With their last donation we purchased a new microscope for the laboratory, an analyser as well as carrying out some badly needed repairs and maintenance to the laboratory.  The main purchase, however, has been a car, which is used exclusively for our village health programs.  We give them our heartfelt thanks for the extra donations that allowed us to make these improvements to the Health Centre and for their regular support and encouragement.

Our thanks go also to DWK in Germany as well as all the individual donors who regularly help us.  DIK Germany put forward the idea of starting a ‘corpus fund’ for the Health Centre which over a period of time will build up a capital sum which will provide interest to cover part of our expenses.  If anyone would like to participate in helping us set up this fund please send a cheque to the Auroville Health Centre mentioning in the accompanying letter that the money is for the ‘corpus fund’.

We look forward to the continued support of all our donors and thank everyone who is participating with us in providing health services to the villages around Auroville.

Health Education videos project

We received a donation from the Government of Navarra in Spain and the Municipality of Pamplona for a digital video camera with all accessories, lights, speakers and wires and collar microphones.  With this equipment we were able to make health education films on road accidents, diarrhoea, garbage, suicide and other health related issues. If anyone is interested in buying one of our videos the subjects include: Tuberculosis, nutrition in children, pregnancy check ups, toilets, scabies, polio, road accidents, diarrhoea, garbage and suicide.  Please email or write to us so we can send you details of cost and arrangements for postage.

Recently with the help of an Indian donor we have purchased all the necessary equipment for editing.  This will make each video less expensive to make and will allow us to do more in the future. We are very grateful to all our donors who have made this work possible.




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