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Rajendran with Venkat
the Physiotherapist

Rajendran is doing well...

In the last issue of .Kuyil we talked about Rajendran, a patient who was undergoing physiotherapy, but suddenly complained that he was not able to move his upper & lower limbs. At the local JIPMER Hospital (a medical school and hospital in Pondicherry) the doctor advised magnetic resonance image (MRI) scan so that his problem could be further investigated. We took him to Sri Ramchandra Hospital at Chennai which is a multi specialty institution with neuro-orthopedic specialists. We came to know that he was suffering from a compression of the spinal cord which caused the paralysis of his arms and legs. To relieve this compression a risky and expensive surgery was advised. The situation was explained in detail to Rajendran who by this time felt he had nothing to loose. A lengthy and successful surgery followed.

We are happy to report that Rajendran has made good progress since then. He is back with us at the Health center and undergoing regular physiotherapy. He has gained good power and function in his arms. His legs, although better than before, are still spastic. We are however seeing changes slowly with physiotherapy.

Psychologically he is a transformed person and looks to the future with optimism.

 Venkat and Bhaskar

Venkat talked to Rajendran…

 1. How are you your feeling after the surgery?

 I am confident I will be walking and be able to do things like a normal person.

 2. What is the difference between before and after surgery?

 Before I didn't feel the sensation when some one touched me. I had no control of urine.  After the surgery I have urinary control and improvement and use of my arms.  I can move my upper limbs but the grip in my right hand is still weak. I hope to get it stronger soon.  I try to extend my legs and can feel my lower limbs. I am confident to do my work independently in a few months.

3. What are your feelings about the Health Centre?

 I consider everyone in the Health Centre as one of my own family.  

 4. What is your future plan?

I want to set up a small shop in my village.


Assumpta is also doing well...

Recently Assumpta spent a month in the Apollo Hospital in Chennai receiving treatment for her cancer.  She came back looking good, weighing an extra 5kg  - ‘the food was so delicious!’  As she is now unable to walk without help she was admitted to the Health Centre where she keeps herself busy by helping with the administration.






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