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The Pulse of Auroville

- from a communication to the Aurovilians in the AVNews, March 2000, by Aurovilian Manoj (India).


Checking pulse is nothing new; all of us know what it means and how it helps to understand the body and its health. Now if we enlarge the scale from individual level to the level of a corporate body, how do we check the pulse of Auroville?

'Pulse' is a new baby being hatched at Auroville's intranet, the AVnet. It is essentially a feedback system based on computer networks with the intention to increase our awareness and understanding of our collective body. Better understanding may lead towards better collective decisions.

'Pulse' is a means to harness collective intuitions arising amongst us as spontaneous impulse to say 'yes' or 'no' to what ever is happening around us. It is not meant for long deliberations and intellectual hairsplitting; one has to respond like a child, deep from the heart without allowing the thinking mind to intervene. Let the mind fall silent so that post-mental clarity shall dawn upon us like starlit mystery of the Milky Way.

Intuitions (hopefully) harvested through Pulse will be regularly published at AVnet and AV News for helping our collective decision-making process. It may also serve as a feedback system for those who initiate discussions. A lot depends on how much interest the community shows towards this development and of course on availability of helping hands to make it a success.

Presently, November '01, we notice that the Pulse mechanism is slowly gaining momentum. Assuming that, in future, interesting write-ups may surface through this medium, we start a new section on our website in the hope to share these with you.


For a first one, click here.

Contact: pulse@auroville.org.in 


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