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The Pulse of Auroville

Observing that relatively few Aurovilians actually participate in this cyber-based survey, Pulse's latest posting asked for suggestions on how to increase the community's collaboration regarding this possibly very potent tool for community building.

This evoked the following feedback by longtime Aurovilian Roy (USA) of Aurodam..


The idea of surveying the opinions of Aurovilians on various topics is very helpful of course. However, the problem of how to generate a response has proven to be a quandary that is not unique to Auroville alone. When one reads a published opinion that one more or less agrees with, one may not feel inclined nor obliged to reiterate a similar response. Sometimes the responses published are, to put it mildly, rather boorish and one shrinks from being sucked into some idiotic argument.


Originally, when the actuality of voting and petitions proved to many Aurovilians somehow revolting, there was an idea to form a kind of survey team, which would, among other things, go door to door, with some kind of questionnaire. It was a good idea. Of course no one actually wants to spend their time running around Auroville having doors closed in their faces all day, or, perhaps even worse, come to the sagging realisation that Aurovilians actually don't have opinions which - one might presume - is a sign of yogic poise.

On the other hand, the task we have set before ourselves as Aurovilians, is not merely something mechanical, but rather, spiritual in its essence, and as such, it is a kind of seeking for a dharma that is uniquely Auroville. From this point of view the flurry of published opinions might seem recalcitrant and oblique, and not at all relevant.

However, there is yet another possibly here as well, and this that by publishing what Aurovilians feel and experience, however inarticulate it might appear, however over-fraught with rage or indignation, it is an expression of our humanity and our aspiration that feels trapped in the web and membrane of Auroville's young life. No doubt, as Aurovilians, we are forced to work through our obscurities, even if our victories are intermittent and often inoperative.

This is the Auroville way of things, the endless urge to move on, undo things, re-arrange them and this manner, recreate ourselves. If one is truly dedicated to feeling the Pulse of Auroville then one must be prepared for its unconventional wisdoms and ever remind ourselves that the very goals we seek, as remarked by the ancients, are composed of Spirit and are as illusive as they are inevitable.


One unmoving that is swifter than Mind, That the Gods reach not, for It progresses ever in front. That, standing, passes beyond others as they run. 

Sri Aurobindo - Isha Upanishad


Roy (Aurodam) roy@auroville.org.in                            November 2001


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