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Videos on Auroville

- made by Aurovilians

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Throughout the years, quite a few films and video reportages have been made on the development of the township, either by visitors or filmmakers, or by the residents themselves. The latter are presently in the process of being reviewed, cleaned up and stored in digital format for future use.

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Hence, at a later stage, footage of these archive materials may be available for a wider public. To date, only the below listed videos are available for sale. You may try to obtain them via the Auroville International centre in your country, where they may have more material for viewing. When you're in Auroville you may order them via the Pitanga Video Service team in the Samasti settlement.

Available videos:

A call to acquire the lands for Auroville

(available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch)
- 15 minutes
Auroville is a patchwork of village, government and private lands. In order to plan or build Auroville at all, the missing parcels must be purchased. This video collage reviews the dream and realities facing Auroville today.

Agni Jata - Fire Born

- 30 minutes
This video documents an experiment in building technology. An entire house made of clay brick is filled with bricks and earthenware and then the entire building is fired over a number of days creating both bricks and an abode. An incredible project masterminded by ceramist, Ray Meeker.

Auroville, a city in search

- 14 minutes
A short synopsis of Auroville, originally prepared for the Intentional Communities conference at Findhorn. Music by Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar provides an unusual background to the collection of Auroville images.

Two Dreams, One World: the Dalai Lama in Auroville

- 21 minutes
His Holiness the Dalai Lama first visited Auroville and met the Mother in 1973. This video documents his return to Auroville in 1993 to lay the foundation stone of the Pavilion of Tibet. It gives a very good introduction to the various aspects of Auroville, its longstanding relationship with Tibetan culture, as well as the dream of a future
Tibet which would be an ecological and spiritual sanctuary.

Matrimandir, House of the New Creation

- 30 minutes
A unique art video melding numerous slides portraying 20 years of the construction of Matrimandir, the spherical center of concentration at the heart of Auroville. Many excellent photos, some highly abstract, combine with music specially composed for this video.

The Genius of India

- 28 minutes

English, Hindi

"India can best develop herself and serve humanity by being herself and following the law of her own nature."
In 1920 Sri Aurobindo wrote a series of articles entitled The Renaissance of India. In these articles he described the essential spirit of India, the qualities and powers characteristic of her genius. He explained what he meant by a rebirth of India, "We cannot go backward to a past form of our being, but we can go forward to a large repossession of ourselves". One has to rediscover the real nature and capacity of the Indian spirit so as to be able to act in an effective and powerful way in today's world.
"What was this ancient spirit and characteristic soul of India?" To this question Sri Aurobindo gives a complete, wide, all-embracing answer. Never before had such a powerful and integral view of Indian culture been presented.
This video film illustrates extracts form The Renaissance in India. It is an attempt to interpret Sri Aurobindo's text with the eye of a film-maker and to create an audio-visual tool which is at once artistic and educational.
Winner of 2 awards in the UGC-CEC Educational Video competition 2001, for "Best programme of the year" and best sound recording.

Realized and distributed by Edition Auroville Press International- 2002,
Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu, India

Auroville, a Dream of the Divine

- 22 minutes

English, Tamil
This video-film seeks to convey something of the essence of Auroville. It presents first Mother's words, recalls the very beginnings of the projects, and then weaves together images of today's reality, chosen for their poetic quality, with some deep statements of Aurovilians, attempting to evoke the special atmosphere which behind all appearances, pervades this place. It provides information on the present state of the project. It reflects on the "why Auroville?" It is also a meditation on the Dream of Mother. A divine Dream which Auroville aspires to realize.
A grant from the Stichting De Zaaier (The Netherlands) is gratefully acknowledged for the production of this film.

Realized and distributed by Edition Auroville Press International- 2002,
Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu, India

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