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Auroville International



in Holland, early May

Dear friends,


Sending you a BIG Hello from Venwoude, on this Thursday evening...


Only few of us have arrived: Julian, Wendy, Christian, Kamala, Anuradha, Tekeste, and we have been welcomed by Jettie, Wim, Linda and Anil from the Dutch team.

Venwoude is a beautiful place in the middle of the forest surrounded by channels of water which are so much part of The Netherlands landscape...


The sun is "au Rendez-vous!!!!", and we just enjoy ourselves drinking tea outside in the sun, under beautiful big trees...


I had a walk in the nearby forest, walking through  beds of dry leaves is so enjoyable, something we never can do in Auroville as the termites eat all dry matter...


OK time to go to bed as breakfast is early and we all had a long day!


All the people have arrived on Friday afternoon and evening. We had the surprise to have young Aurovilians joining us for the week-end: Boris, Perumal, Angelo, Peter, Inge and their friend Farid.





Program of Saturday :


We had a meditation and a collective reading of Canto 2 of Savitri lead by Anuradha.


We covered few Auroville project presentations, not all the projects could be presented due to lack of time.

Main projects presented:

  1. The new AVI website presented by AVI webmaster Martijn
  2. The AVI arts website: Aurovillearts.com presented by Vani & Martin
  3. Auroville Radio and Auroville TV presented by Vani
  4. NCBS project presented by Dianne
  5. Sadhana Forest project presented by Vani,
  6. Unity Pavilion, CIRRHU and UHU, presented by Shivaya


In the evening, we enjoyed a Russian puppets show, which has been presented to the children of Auroville in the Paradiso. This programme is normally for children, but we all really enjoyed the show and laughed a lot like real children of the Mother!


A big hello from beautiful Venwoude where we enjoy the beautiful blue sky and spring blossoming all around...



Sunday was our very hard and serious working day; Board meeting from early morning till late evening.


After dinner some of us enjoyed a walk through the surrounding forest, on their own or with Niranjali guiding them through a meditative walking session. The others went on with the Board meeting.



Monday was a more relaxing day and actually very playful with all day ATB, Awareness through the body.

We saw in the evening videos on the Dalai Lama's visits to Auroville and on the inauguration ceremony of the Inuksuk.


We all went to bed very, very late as Luigi, member of l'Avenir d'Auroville, arrived in the evening and every one had pressing questions to ask him concerning the International Zone and the development of Auroville.


Tuesday was excursion day! We went to Amsterdam . Our Dutch friends offered us a visit to the Van Gogh Museum ... Fantastic, I love impressionists. Marc Luyckx was waiting for us in the museum. After we went on a boat to visit the old Amsterdam , it was beautiful even if the sun did not show his nose. We enjoyed ourselves very much, did more photos than all the Japanese in town, and we stayed outside quite freezing but warming each others by laughing so much!


Then, we took the bus to a small port. Well, it started to rain, so we visited more the café for tea and coffee. Some had also ice-creams and other tasted the delicacies of the town, uncooked herrings and smoke eels. It is really excellent and very healthy!


In the evening, Marc Luyckx offered us a talk on the Knowledge Economy and tomorrow's society.


Wednesday, we started in the morning by Sanskrit mantras and meditation with Anuradha and Niranjani.


Then the seminar began, open day to every one:


  1. A brief introduction to Auroville with the new video: “Welcome to Auroville”
  2. Luigi Zanzi made a presentation on l'Avenir d'Auroville and on Auroville development perspectives for the years to come.
  3. Then, we had Deepti, Margarita and Shraddhavan who joined us with the little magic of a live video conference. They spoke about their life experience in Auroville and their dreams. It was a very nice experience to have Aurovilians joining us virtually!
  4. Then, Thierry de Wijn shared with us his vision of conscious evolution and the work of the community of gateway to Conscious evolution.
  5. Erik Van Praag, a psychologist, spoke on conscious living with climate change
  6. Then Anuradha and Niranjani invited us to go within through further Savitri reading and guided meditation.
  7. After this relaxing meditation session, Marc Luyckx gave a speech on the post capitalist society and its painful transition into post industrial phase towards sustainable humanism.


The conference time was over, evening time had come.

The day went on with a short Odissi dance performance from Devasmita, a special offering to Mia

Our programme ended with a concert of Nadaka and Gopika.


On Thursday : Morning time, General Assembly:


Friederike gave a report of the Sunday Board meeting discussions.


The few Auroville projects, which could not be presented on Saturday, were presented:

  1. Auroville Clinic for Integral Health by Vani and Julian
  2. Thamarai by Shivaya
  3. Auroville Film festival 09 by Vani



Each AVI centre presented their yearly activities report.


For more details please go to the 2009 AVI meeting report link (in preparation)

Vani ( AVI Auroville representative )



See also "Auroville International looks forward"

article on AVtoday June-July 2009

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