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Amalfi coast. Photo by Manohar


Auroville International


7 to 14 October 2006

Italy in the Mediterranean



Invitation to the AVI meeting in Italy

As has become customary in recent years, AVI centres are planning to hold an additional meeting in Europe to make it accessible for people who are not able to travel to more remote locations like South Africa where the last AVI meeting was hosted earlier this year.
For the first time in 8 years  (Casciano di Murlo 1998), the Italian AVI centre is prepared to host the next AVI international meeting in Formia (between Rome and Naples), from October 7 - 14th.
The Formia location between Roma and Napoli

Moreover, for the first time in AVI history, a public institution, the Council of Formia, decided to support this meeting and to offer facilities to the attendants.

The format for the meeting is that there will a few days for AVI board and general assembly meetings and there will also be a day of interaction with Formia municipality with exchanges possibly on themes such as alternative economy and women's empowerment.

Amalfi coast. Photo by Jessica

A seed was already planted a few months ago when Uma and Manoj shared about the Tsunamika project and they were warmly welcomed and enthusiastically received. This meeting will be an opportunity to further develop and strengthen relationship and share more of the ideals behind Auroville and how they are being lived.

Amalfi coast. Photo by Manohar

This meeting is being prepared collaboratively by Sauro, Marco (AVI Italy representative) and Kathy. Kindly let me know as soon as possible if you would be interested to attend. I can send you more information on request.

With love,
AVI co-ordinator
Unity Pavilion 2622 121 or 944 3135005

email: aviauroville.org.in

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